Knowing the Various Types of Winter Sock Options

Knowing the Various Types of Winter Sock Options

If you are wondering how you can choose the right socks you could use for winter, you better read this article. What you wear on your feet could make or break your outdoor experience in cold weather. There’s nothing like having the coldest feet during the winter season. To say the least, it’s not fun when you have cold feet whether because of circulation problems or ice-cold temperature. This is why you need Umfies.

For you to end up with the best winter socks to wear, you may check on the following factor:

Fabric Used

The material or fabric used in the socks must have moisture-wicking capabilities. This is due to the presence of sweat glands on your feet. The human foot is jam packed with about a quarter-million sweat glands. This is the reason most feet tend to perspire a lot, especially when you wear heavily-insulated winter boots. The weave must also be soft yet warm. It’s also gentle and does not irritate the skin. The fabric has to be breathable as well, making the feet airy, dry, and free from blisters. The most popular options for sock fabric include the following: merino wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers.

According to Length

Winter socks have different heights. They can be no-shows, over-the-knee, ankle-length, or crew-length. The majority of socks sellers offer various options to be used for cold-weather socks.

The no-show socks are almost invisible, and they are designed for occasions that require bare legs. Ankle socks are low-cut socks that could go as high as 4 inches from the ankle bone towards the heel. The crew-style socks like Umfies are the most common length socks you can have for the winter. Over-the-calf socks are also called knee-high socks, whose length rises to the knees. Most of the time, these are padded heavily with cushioning.

According to Activity

Yes, you have to consider the activity you will use the pair of socks for. Remember that every pair of socks has subtle makeup differences that may make it or not ideal for a particular activity. Lightweight hiking socks are quite thinner than other socks. This is a great benefit for those who have wide feet and a high instep. Walking socks may have a significant impact on the footbed. This is why you won’t find it surprising to find socks like these to have sweat-wicking and cushioning elements. They are the perfect pair for those who like to walk for fitness.

Multisport socks are also called athletic socks. They make up a broad category from everyday ankle socks to technical socks that are often used for cross-training and marathon. Most of these winter socks come with a certain level of padding to provide cushioning. However, it features only a little bulk in its design.

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