Make Halloween the successful event

Make Halloween the successful event

If anyone is willing to scare try to use sclera lenses so that it can recreate witch doctor which is completely original and has a look of beautybyjosiek. If one is preferring the easy option can try the dead bride look with make-up which is completely glamorous, fake blood which would be lashing, and even white contacts lenses associated with the zombie.

Types of white contact lenses:

There are nearly 4o types of blind lenses that can give a different appearance to the face. Do you want to try these lenses? So, let’s start knowing about these familiar types of different lenses.

Mesh: this mesh type of contact lenses usually cover the pupil along with the iris with a pattern that is in white grid form. They instantly give an eerie look by creating the illusion about the absence of a pupil or giving an effect of a whiteout look. They give a scary appearance there is no doubt the one might get scared if seen in the dark. This creates a grey result than that of the white. This lends perfect look for Halloween, anyone who is willing to be part of Halloween can try this without fail.

Block: these block lenses have a color that is completely solid block when it is worn. as it sits on the iris it changes the color of the eye which is completely white. Block lenses give the sinister look it makes you look possessed without the need for any black ring. when one like to prefers this theme and wishes to be an undead corpse that is infected. Other than sclera, most of the people might be familiar with the block lenses adds immediate psycho which creates a dramatic appearance with the make-up which is heavy with a pale foundation along with black lips.

white contact lenses

Pattern: willing to try different pattern contact lenses, here are the pattern-based contact lenses. This incorporated a complete detailed pattern. This has an option of endless looks, from that of deranged animals by using blood spatter lenses to that of dead Alice with the contacts having tick-tock types of lenses pattern.  These patterned lenses have a bit more fun with a suitable outfit. Whether one wants a glam or gore look this is sure to give the crazy good look.

Tip-top: if one is willing to create a gaunt effect can swap the blusher to that of top contouring and don’t be scared of yourself with the ghost look.


Have fun trying different types of colored contact lenses and use them wisely.

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