MOVE Performance Underwear – 2018s Best For Active Women!

MOVE Performance Underwear – 2018s Best For Active Women!

During workouts, nobody wants panty lines that peek through our leggings. Your performance underwear should be out of sight as much as possible and should not cause any problems during your sweat sessions which is why your everyday pair is not made for these occasions. Investing in high-quality performance underwear is most definitely worth it. When it comes to active underwear, MOVE Active Sports Underwear is one of the most trusted names.

MOVE Performance Underwear

This company started providing high-quality active undies since 2015 when a couple of friends decided to put a stop to our struggles when it comes to purchasing sports underwear. MOVE is all about the performance of a sports underwear whether you are doing a marathon, enjoying pilates in a studio, playing tennis, or even walking your dog in the park. They have built the underwear that can support your active lifestyle yet still give you an all-day comfort.

2018s Best MOVE Performance Underwear

MOVE Performance Underwear for women comes in different cuts, colors, and fabrics that would suit your preference and need and are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. Here are some of the active undies that you can try!

  • The Ultra – Airflow Brief. (Midnight, Reef/White, Melon/White, Rose/White) This is a classic mid-hipster brief that is made with a sleek and modern look. MOVE has incorporated a wrap around airflow mesh fabric for breathability, moisture management, and also for better ventilation. It has a 2.5 cm comfort waistband with a flatlock stitching and bonded seams packed with features that can provide you comfort.
  • The Meribel – Airflow Boyleg. (Rose/White, Midnight) This is a hipster boyleg that is designed for increased coverage while still maintaining its performance and comfort features. It has a vertical airflow mesh for breathability, moisture management, and ventilation. The Meribel also has a 2.5cm comfort waistband and a flatlock stitching and bonded seams.
  • The Boston – Airflow G-String. (Midnight, Rose/White, Reef/White) This is a mid-hipster G-string that is designed to sit comfortably under your tights or shorts without making itself known on the outside. It provides sensational comfort with its wraparound airflow mesh fabric. It is also made with a laser cut and bond using premium Italian fabrics.

Why Choose MOVE Performance Underwear?

MOVE has sourced the most innovative fabrics that they can find from the world’s leading fabric houses in order to provide their clients with the best active underwear. What makes them different is that they build the underwear with performance and comfort in mind in order to provide a pair that can be better compared to your personal best. They make sure that their products have amazing features such as breathability, ultra chlorine resistance, lasting color, and performance. These products are also a perfect fit for anyone, with UV protection.

If you are shopping for performance underwear, understand that each of the products that you find in the market might not have the features that MOVE Performance Underwear have to offer. Check out their products first and prepare to be amazed!

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