Official World Series of Beer Pong Tables

Official World Series of Beer Pong Tables

What makes these tables official pong tables of the Pong Beer World Series? For example, these tables are distributed by the company that runs the WSOBP. There are two versions of the table with the official logo printed on the top of the table. The surface of the white table is very bright, bright and certainly attracts attention. In the dark style table, this “elegant black” look shows its competitors that this is a business. Both style sheets were used in the 2009 tournament; To be more specific, a dark style table was used in the final game.

The logo is a simple and nice design, easily identifiable, a white ping-pong silhouette surrounded by a red and blue background. This logo is a registered trademark and has many “imitators”; So do not be fooled by imitations and imitations. The picture of the table swirls like an ocean wave and complements the logo very well.

These official beer pong tables are made from high quality aluminum.

This feature prevents boards from rusting and allows tables to be lighter than an empty barrel (about 21 pounds). You also do not have to worry about reliability. These tables have six legs, which are evenly distributed in all places to prevent sagging and vibration. The official ping table is also ported. It bends well in size with a briefcase. As soon as you break down, the desk will snap into place beautifully and safely with two handles for convenient transportation. The size of the table in the open position is 2 feet wide by 8 feet long and 27 1/2 inches in height. Yes, you guessed it, the exact size used in the tournament last year.

As explained above, these tables are the same as in the World Beer Pong Championships.

Ron and Pop teams “Time for a rout” won first place in the last tournament; taking home the top prize of $ 50,000. The championship tournament is held every year in Las Vegas in January, and satellite tournaments are also held in the United States that use official beer tables for the game. If you want to get this competitive advantage, the best way to practice is one of these tables.

So it all comes down to it … It doesn’t matter if you are a professional player, only someone who loves the game or both, these official foldable beer pong table set should be part of your collection. This is a table of quality that you can practically take wherever you want. Just remember to have fun and play responsibly.

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