Outdoor Power Tools to Choose From for Your Lawn Maintenance

Outdoor Power Tools to Choose From for Your Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your lawn and garden, this entails making the right decision in buying the most appropriate outdoor power equipment tools. Some people love gas-powered lawnmowers and blowers while others want the equipment to be electric or cordless. Regardless of your preference, it helps to know a bit more about your choices before you buy outdoor power tools.  


It is important to have a reliable lawnmower no matter what size your lawn is. Your mower may be electric or gas-powered; it can mow your grass in reduced time and with much less mess, allowing you to enjoy spring or summer more. Lawnmower models can be manual, electric, or gas-powered. You can also find those that are cordless, self-operating, push-propelled, and self-propelled types. One important element to look into is the size of the mower’s cutting deck.


This type of mower is great when you are mowing grass uphill or on hilly terrain. They function like push mowers but the wheels are turned by engine power instead, which propels the mover over the lawn. This can reach tight corners and also up and down hilly parts. This mower works well with sloped yards or areas with landscaped trees and bushes.


Electric lawnmowers can be cordless or with a cord. Both can make your lawn look fabulous. Cordless mowers are powered by electric batteries. Most cordless mowers run between 30 and 90 minutes per charge. When it takes you longer than that to mow your lawn, consider using a backup battery.

Push Mowers

These are manual mowers that require you to push. This is an excellent choice for a small yard that is easy to maintain. Push mowers are known to mow cleanly with a powerful push and with the help of sharp blades. The faster and harder the mower is pushed, the faster the blades can rotate. Each time you push, you can get a good workout too.

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Robotic lawnmowers are best for lawns that have flat terrain, with easy yard-cutting lines. Robotic mowers run quietly. They can mow square or rectangular lawns easily on a single charge of their lithium-ion battery which may run from 30 minutes up to two hours. When you have a lawn with a complex shape, the robotic lawn mower has to use more battery power to mow the sloping terrain or around the trees and other structures.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers must also be considered when you buy outdoor power tools. A hedge trimmer is an easy-to-use power equipment that can trim bushes, hedges, and shrubs. Such lightweight tools can help you finish your yardwork in a short time and with less strain on your arms and shoulders. Such tools are great for home use. They can come in various sizes and can be heavy or light.

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