All you need to know about helmets

Helmet is nothing but a protective hat which is hard and padded. Helmets are not only meant for riding but it is also used by police officers, soldiers, sports players, motorcyclists etc.

know about helmets


Why are helmets important? 

Helmets are very important to wear as it protects our head from causing any injuries. Let it be during any practice of sport or while riding a bike. A helmet is a must. When we  wear a helmet doesnt mean we can  be rash or reckless, It’s just a protection for our face, head and the brain in case we fall down.

Human Head is the most crucial part of the body as it consists the brain. So to protect our head from causing any injuries we need to wear a helmet. Head injuries can be so serious and due to this the brain gets effected and the person may die.

Compared to a car, bikes gives a person more freedom on a road which might turn to be a bit dangerous. Riders need to understand the risks of riding a bike without a helmet. Without helmets, they are at a danger of suffering from head injuries if they meet with an accident even at high or low speed. When it comes to brain injuries, it takes a lot of time to recover compared to any other body part. Brain injuries may result to spinal cord  injuries that requires a lot of care, money for a long period of time. So to save from all this it’s better to wear a helmet while riding. steel bird open face helmets is a very good option among many other brands. Always buy a helmet with ISI brand mark to ensure safety.

Some important reasons why helmet should be made compulsory.

  • To set an example.

Adults who wear helmets set an example to the little ones around them. Kids or teens tend to not wear a helmet as it might be uncomfortable or looks uncool. So if adults don’t wear a helmet then the younger ones will have trouble seeing the importance of a helmet. So we need to set an example for the younger ones.

  • To avoid weather conditions.

Weather is so unpredictable especially if you are living in Bangalore, India. So if you wear a helmet it protects you from weather hazards like too much sun, Rain or hail. Some companies manufactures winter helmets which keeps us warm during frigid temperatures.

  • To avoid accidents.

Sometimes during accidents Drivers don’t tend to see the motorcyclists. So if the helmet has a bright color or design then it becomes visible for the other drivers or riders. So choose a bright colored helmet so that others can spot the rider especially during the day as well.

  • To avoid breaking the rules.

We can also avoid getting a ticket by the traffic police as it is compulsory to wear a helmet. So we can save some money and not getting caught by the police. These days even pillion rider helmet is mandatory as well.

So choose the right kind of helmet suitable for your face and size of head. You can shop for open faces helmets online India, full helmets, half helmets, among the various types. But always remember to wear a helmet and save lives.

Steps for choosing the perfect Abaya for yourself

Fallen in love with the Islamic traditional pride ~ the ‘ Burkha ‘ ? Thinking of loading your wardrobe with some of the latest designer collections from a branded label that you’ve been eyeing on for long ? You must be. Abaya is the most popular fashion symbol of the Arabian culture and tradition. Practically there are three most important steps to consider while choosing the best fit :

  1. The ‘ material ‘ of the Burkha, chosen according to the occasion or season or climate of the place where it is to be worn. Warmer climates suggest for linen fabrics whereas in colder countries woollen would be the best. Velvet or silk material would be great for any speacial occasion.
  2. The ‘ design ‘ counts a lot as day by day more impressive and improved ones are coming up, do keep a track not to get fooled by the old designs. Start experimenting with colours or choose from finely designed or embroidered burkhas over the monochromes.
  3. Abayas are mostly worn loose but they also come in various cuts and shapes according to the terms of usuage, like,

  • Casual Abayas are those that are perfect for the daily usage, can be used roughly and has a long wardrobe life owing to it’s tuff and quality material. Mostly made of cotton or other lasting fabrics, that is soft on the skin, light weight with soothing colours and comfortable in the warm climate. Usually devoid of much embellishments, plain and simple yet elegance dripping out from every inch of the dress made with love.
  • Formal Abayas are the ones that mostly women wear to their workplace. Almost every working Islamic women’s attire in a man’s world, to rever and love their tradition flowing. Mainly made in soft pastel shades with light to heavy works of embroidery to bring out the beauty of the most modest attire. However while choosing Abayas for work recommendations are retained for simpler designs of work on them, that gives a classy look.

Yet again, Abayas are chosen according to body shapes :

  • Slimmer women opt for ones with a loose fit,with longer sleeves getting broader at the ends, providing a fuller appearance. ‘ Chiffon ‘ fabric works wonders in this regard.
  • Women having an hourglass body, can wear bi-coloured Abayas with darker hues on the body and lighter tones on the sleeves.
  • Pear shaped body beauties have a slim frame but are heavy at the bottom.Thus opting for a tailored fit that gives a consistency to the body shape would be a wise choice. Crepe and silk materials will work wonders in making a ‘broad at the bottom’ style. However tight fittings are a strict noto avoid highlighting the flawed domains.
  • A contrasting handbag or slingbag or even purse will compliment and complete your look.
  • Clutches will be perfect for any special evening or parties or occasions. Also try for darker colours of accessories and bags for any formal interview to attend.

Searching for any modest clothing store online, will show you numerous results on modest wear, ~ Abayas and many more and you’ll get the best of your choices at a price easy on pockets with even try and buy options and free home delivery with guaranteed and quality products.

Vaping in Australia: What You Need to Know

If you have successfully quit smoking tobacco, you have probably switched to electronic cigarettes. When you “smoke” e-cigarettes, you actually vape them. Vaping is the activity of inhaling vapour from an e-cigarette. The vapour itself is formed from a heated e-liquid that is warmed when you use the device. A battery is used to warm the liquid.

Comparing Tobacco with E-Liquid

When you compare the ingredients in traditional cigarettes with the ingredients in e-liquids, the differences are astounding. For example, tobacco cigarettes contain 599 additives. When you light a cigarette, these additives produce 4,000 chemical compounds that can be carcinogenic and toxic to a smoker’s health.

the e-liquid in ecigs contains four basic chemical ingredients

By contrast, the e-liquid in ecigs contains four basic chemical ingredients. These ingredients include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and water. Some e-liquids do not include the nicotine, which helps the e-cigarette user to wean himself or herself off smoking tobacco.

Besides these four ingredients, e-cigarettes also contain one of a variety of flavourings. You can select from various fruit flavourings or e-liquids that mimic the taste of tobacco. With this type of flexibility, many vapers become interested in trying out the different flavours.

Types of Vapourisers

At this point, you may wonder what devices besides the e-cigarette are used for vaping. Vapourisers are available in pens and mods. The mods that are featured are the most powerful of the vapouriser products. In turn, the user is rewarded with an exceptional flavour and vapour.

Vaping Etiquette

Vaping in indeed an activity that has changed how traditional smokers think about their habit. In fact, the word “vape” was the 2004 word of the year. Vapers also have acquired certain rules of etiquette to make the most of their new pursuit.

For example, some of the etiquette used today includes the following:

  • Do not keep your e-cigarette, pen, or mod unattended as doing so is rude to others.
  • Do not vape inside.
  • Never blow vapour into someone’s face.
  • Try not to vape around children.
  • Do not be a vape snob or act superior to others—vapers and non-vapers alike.
  • Use consideration when you vape.

Vaping around the World

If you are a world traveller, you also have to be careful about where you vape. For example, e-cigarettes are banned in certain countries such as Norway, Singapore, Seychelles, Uruguay, and Brazil. Canada also prevents retailers from selling fluids containing nicotine. In Europe alone, about six million people have quit tobacco smoking by switching to e-cigarettes.

Whilst e-cigarettes are not considered entirely risk-free, they are advised for anyone who wishes to stop the smoking habit. Because they only carry a small fraction of the health dangers of cigarettes, they should be evaluated by smokers, especially heavy smokers, who want to find a way to stop smoking permanently.

Gym Brands That You Need In 2018!

With 2017 drawing to a close and the likes of Christmas and the New Year peering their heads around the corner, it is time to think about getting into shape or at the very least fitting workouts into your routine for the 2018! Changes in lifestyle requires time and the best time to do that is the new year, as cliché as it may sound.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself following the Christmas and New Year period, however, it is known purchasing gym wear can help motivate you to get yourself into the gym. With the tight fits and the tailored looks, gym wear can help you vision how you would like to look, in turn pushing you to do more. To help you get in shape for the New Year, we’ve come up with gym brands you need to look out for! 

Outdoor Voices 

Outdoor Voices continues to be a brand that grows in popularity and it has seen their brand recognised all over the world. Outdoor Voices moved away from the likes of neon mesh and tight fits, in order to design a brand that is stylish, seamless and suited to functional fitness as well as everyday movement. The brand was designed around core fabrics to help move away from the traditional, generic and boring gym styles.

One Athletic


One Athletic have muscled their way in as one of the most exciting gym wear brands. Looking into current trends, One Athletic are another gym wear brand to move away from the traditional gym wear items. With skinny to tailored fittings, the brand is endorsed by the Harrison brothers, who are known for their workout routines and fitness plans. It truly embodies comfort, style and helps you stay motivated in order to get into the shape you require, whether you purchase mens track pants, hoodies or even sleeveless hoodies. With the minimalistic, yet on-trend designs One Athletic truly have a collection available for everyone.

State Concepts From Frank & Oak 

You may have heard the of the Canadian brand Frank & Oak before, but this time around they’ve expanded into the fitness world with State Concepts. State Concepts has taken the similar approach the likes of Ralph Lauren have taken to the fitness world and brought a casual, yet stylish approach to the world of fitness. It marries style and leisure perfectly, bringing a style that is not designed to be aggressive but consistent and heavily invested in technology. Frank & Oak combine fitness, streetwear and comfort to bring something different to gyms all over the world.


Tracksmith have taken the Rocky approach to the fitness world with a classic ‘track star’ look. It is based around the old sweater and loose fabric attire, rather than the fitted styles and bright colours. No more large logos but more subtlety and traditional colours. It you want a retro take on the gym, Tracksmith are exactly what you want.


Purchasing a bicycle from online in Malaysia

Regular cycling gives more health benefits of keeping you fit. Cycling improves joint mobility and circulatory condition. When you follow regular cycling, bone strength and flexibility of your gets increased. When you cycle outside, your body gets exposed to sunlight, this increase the intake of vitamin D, this gives you a number of health benefits. In the recent years, cycling trend is booming in Malaysia. If you want to buy a bicycle, the options are endless. If you don’t want to spend in bicycle, but still want to enjoy cycling, many of the parks offer rentals. In hot climates, cycling can be a daunting experience if you are doing it in the afternoon.

In Malaysia, the city is not quite built for cyclists compared to those in other counties. If you are doubtfulabout cycling along the busy highways and roads, you can utilize some urban- area parks and cycling routes outside the city. Every year cycling events are hosted, a great way to discover new routes. In many online websites, bikes and bicycles given great discounts. To explore the world, buy bicycles online in Malaysia.

Online shopping facilities are opened up by many cycle retailer shops. They offer a wide range of high quality cycling accessories. Before buying a bicycle, choose your appropriate bicycle. Road bicycles smooth and drop handlebars. It is mostly used for on-road racing.Cyclocross bicycles are designed to ride on mixed surfaces. The tires in these bicycles are little wider to smooth off-road traction. It also has different types of brakes that helps to avoid mud build-up in the frame and it can also carry some light weight.

Time trial or triathlon bicycle is a special design road bike that maximizes their smooth properties. The handlebarsare specially designed to reduce the wind resistance againsthuman body by allowing you to crouch forward while riding. These bicycles are usually banned in mass-start races. Flat-bar road bikes consists of light weight frames and relatively narrow tires. It is designed for people who want a light, high-performance bicycle, but don’t like the drop handlebar riding position of an ordinary road bicycle. These bicycles have the capability to support cargo racks and fenders, which make them good commuter bikes.

Track or fixed gear bicycles are designed especially for bicycle racing. Maintenance is very easy due to its simple design. Mountain bike are designed for rough off-road tracks and it has a shock absorbing tyres, which gives you balance in slope during touring. Hybrid bikes have both advantages of road bikes and mountain bikes. It can be ridden on concrete roads, but are not as lightweight or effective as road bikes. Folding bicycles are perfect for those who need to travel with their bike, want a bike to keep on their boat or plane. City bicycles are used mostly by the urban peoples where they use it for carrying goods. BMX bikes are favourite for kids.

Instead of buying a bike at retail shops, buy in online, where you can easily compare prices. Malaysian bicycles are ideal, so buy bicycles online in Malaysia.There are many different bicycles both in retail and online, each one with a new feature. Choose a comfortable bike to fulfil your need. Cycling gives you fitness and a stress out life so keep cycling.

Choosing Swarovski Guarantees Beautiful Jewellery

Anyone who has ever seen a piece of jewellery with Swarovski crystal in it knows how timeless and gorgeous it is. These are genuine crystals that are specially manufactured through a process that makes sure they are precise, consistent, and have an incredible brilliance that nobody else has ever been able to match. These crystals are produced in Austria and subjected to extremely high quality controls which guarantee that each crystal sold is perfect, beautiful, and sure to take the recipient’s breath away. The secret of how they are produced is closely guarded by the company, and ensures that these crystals are more amazing than any other ones that you can buy.

Getting Picky

You likely already have an idea of what sort of jewellery your recipient likes to wear. Chances are good that you have seen them with bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, or even cufflinks on in the past, but gifting them a piece of Swarovski jewellery means that they will have something to wear with a brilliant crystal on it which will outshine any other piece of jewellery. It’s a good idea to pay attention to what kind of jewellery they normally wear before buying them a new piece, as some people prefer rings over bracelets, or large dangling earrings over smaller ones. Once you have an idea of what kind of jewellery you want to buy, you will be free to shop for different styles and colours that will match the recipient’s outfits and personality.

Relying on a Theme

One of the wonderful things about the jewellery that Swarovski makes is that they often sell it in different themes to make it easy for the gift giver to pick something that is perfect for the occasion. These themes include holidays such as Easter and Christmas, as well as “sports,” “sparkly,” “children,” and “friends.” The holidays pieces are perfect for someone who loves decorating and celebrating each holiday as it occurs, and it will make that particular holiday one to remember. With so many beautiful pieces of jewellery to choose from, you are sure to find something that your recipient will love.

Metal Type

In addition to looking at the theme and style of the jewellery that you are going to buy, you also need to pay attention to the finished metal. Some women prefer to wear gold jewellery, while others gravitate towards silver or platinum, and the same is true for men when choosing cufflinks. Swarovski has beautiful pieces in various kinds of plating, which will make it easy for you to find one that your recipient is sure to love.

No matter what piece of jewellery you pick, if you buy something made by Swarovski you’re sure to buy a winning piece. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from, making it easy to personalise your gift and ensure that your recipient loves it for years to come. Swarovski produces beautiful crystals that are one-of-a-kind and unmatched by any other in the world. Giving a gift with Swarovski shows that you care enough to give the very best.


Useful guidance for making the purchase of the airbrush compressors

Whether you are looking forward to buy the airbrush compressor for your needs, there are lots and lots of things need to be considered. Since this is an essential element to accomplish your tasks easily, you have to explore such main things. Of course, there are so many sites that are now available online to offer the futuristic airbrush compressor and therefore, you can simply buy it as you want. Here, you can click to find out more details about the airbrush compressor buying guide.

Factors to focus for buying the airbrush compressors

Before you are going to purchase the airbrush compressor, you have to find some factors and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Purpose of buying – The first and foremost thing that you need to concentrate for buying the airbrush compressor is the purpose. You have to ensure whether the airbrush is used for the residential or commercial purposes. Based on this thing, you need to find the right size of the brush.
  • Measurement – CFM which means cubic feet per minute is the measurement of the air flow that comes in the brush. You should take this measurement in your consideration for picking the best compressor.
  • Silent models – No one wants to buy the product which makes the noisy feel. Obviously, the silent compressor can give the fantastic features. Of course, the silent compressors also come with the auto shut off feature and so the motor can be shut off when it is filled with a certain amount of capacity.
  • Air leaks – You should make sure that the compressor can have the moisture trap. The air connection should be tight and also you have to ensure the intake filter too.
  • Cost – Finally, cost of the product is also the important consideration that you have to concentrate for buying the best. It is always better to pick the right product within your financial budget.

These are the most important consideration that you can focus for making the purchase in the well effective way. Of course, there are so many online stores that are now available online for offering you the airbrush compressors and therefore, you can simply get the access to it for finding the best.

Various brands of the compressors are also offered online and therefore, you can simply find the best based on your needs. You can click to find out more details about the airbrush compressors.

Why Choose a Bespoke Tailored Suit?

The debate between off-the-shelf suits and custom tailored suits has been raging on for many years now, and most of the people are still divided about which is the better option. If you wear suits most of the time and have worn both bespoke tailored suits as well as off-the-shelf variants, it’s very likely that your mind is probably made up about bespoke tailored suits. A bespoke tailored suit offers a variety of benefits you don’t get with conventional off-the-shelf variants. When most people hear about custom-tailored clothing, their thoughts instantly move to the word “expensive”. However, the premium you pay is definitely worth the money if you go for a bespoke tailored suit. Here are a few reasons why.

Superior Quality Fabric

You have the option of choosing the fabric if you go for a bespoke tailored suit, and will not have to worry about the cheap fabric that’s commonly used in most off-the-shelf clothing. Obviously, when you choose a superior quality fabric for your suit, it’s going to last you for years to come. There are many local companies that specialise in making bespoke tailored suits. One of those companies is Suited Up. They make high-quality, bespoke tailored suits for customers, and can also help you complete your entire look. They have a mobile service as well, so you can call them up at any time to your place to take the measurements and then tailor the suit for you.

Better Fitting

It’s not just the quality that’s a vast improvement over the cheap suits sold in the market. Since the entire suit is tailored by hand and is designed according to the shape of your body, it will fit perfectly on your body. The better fitting will not only make you look good, but you will also feel much more confident about yourself. The simple reason why so many people prefer bespoke tailored clothing is because they don’t have to worry about slumping shoulders or the coat hanging loose from the back. Instead, the suit is going to accentuate your best features, making you look sharper and smarter.

Modern Fashion

Tailors keep a firm eye on the modern designs that are making the rounds in the market, and will suit you up in the latest trending suit designs. You have the option of choosing any kind of suit design you want (the tailor will show you an entire catalogue of different kinds of suits to choose from). It’s definitely a much better alternative than choosing from a limited collection that’s hanging on coat racks. These are just a few major reasons why it’s better to wear a bespoke tailored suit!


Unique Gifts for Your Sister to Celebrate The Eve of Bhai Dooj

Bhai dooj is an auspicious celebration of the brother-sister bond. Presented with an assortment of unique gifts, both celebrate this special moment of fraternity and fondness by an exchange of lavish gifts. With the gifts being exchanged, treats being shared, wishes being traded, and the celebratory spirit of Bhai Dooj on the rise, who can be any less than enamored by the celebration.

6 Unique Bhai dooj Gifts for Your Sister

You always share a special bond with your sister. With joy and delight you both lived together, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and working as one. What finer way to express your thankfulness and make your sister feel special than these 6 unique bhai dooj gifts. Here are 6 suggestions for unique bhai dooj gifts for your sister-

  • Photo-frame – Intricately designed piece of craftsmanship holding special memories

A photoframe is one of the most perfect expressions of remembrance and memorability. From impressing a photo of the special moment that you and your sister had shared, to writing a beautifully made heart-felt message, it is always special.

  • Dry fruit – Mouthwatering savory treats loaded with health incentives

Dry fruits are a relishing treat to always enjoy. From almonds, to pistachios, to raisins, the flavors and tastes are always relishing.

  • Cake – Chocolaty and creamy mouth –melting delectable

Cakes are one of the most popular snacks. Enjoyed by all, they are a definite delight to cherish with your taste buds and palate. From chocolate truffle, to vanilla and Oreo, the combinations, the flavors, the tastes, and the designs of a cake are nearly endless.

  • Chocolate – Pieces of sweet-tasting joy to always enjoy

Chocolates are ever-popular as they are relishing. From a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, to multiple bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, nothing tingles the sweet tooth than chocolates.

  • Cushions – A font of relaxation and memorability

Cushions are one of the most common household items. What finer way to spread the delight of a soft pillow cushion than an memorable photo or a personal message printed on the cover ?

  • Mugs – Memorable morning surprises

Mugs are one of the first things that is encountered when your sister wakes up and sips on a cup of warm coffee, trying to shake off the morning blues. What can be more special to her than seeing that very mug personally customized by her brother and presented to her on bhai dooj?

  • Gift baskets – Handcrafted surprises loaded with goodies

Intricately designed and filled with numerous surprises, a gift basket is one of the most perfect ways to surprise your sister and delight her. Witrness the joy on her face as rummages through it and explores all the goodies. 

Getting Bhai Dooj Gifts for Your Sister

No matter where you reside in India, you can easily order bhai dooj gifts for your sister anywhere, just by a few clicks. So send her some unique Bhaidooj gifts through an online store.

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags

High end designer handbags are much-coveted accessories in the fashion world today. The popularity of authentic brand name labels in the marketplace is due to varying reasons. To begin with, genuine handbags are each individual designer’s unique creations that have manifested into a beautiful physical product. Furthermore, a perfectly designed and the well-manufactured bag is constructed with much care and expertise by a skilled craftsman.

In addition, the designer bags are created from very durable and high-quality materials which pretty much guarantees that the handbags will last a long time. Finally, authentic brand name purses and bags are designed to give an appearance of elegance and sophistication which are normally seen in the majority of expensive designer handbags. These wonderful creations from highly sought after top designers can cost thousands of dollars. This is the main reason as to why most people exude an appearance of wealth if they own a designer handbag.

If you want to own an expensive designer handbag you may have to wait for a long period of time to obtain one either because there is a waiting list or because you need to save up enough money. For the waiting list bags usually only a fortunate few acquire them directly from a designer each year. These particular individuals consist mostly of the wealthy or celebrities. The unfortunate reality about this is that there are some unscrupulous retailers that are taking advantage of this situation to earn a lot from selling fake designer handbags.

Truth be told, there are already many buyers who have been fooled into buying these fake products. However, buying authentic second-hand designer handbags are not impossible as the popularity and general acceptance of this practice increases. When you have the urge to acquire a beautiful brand name handbag, it is absolutely possible for you to own one and not have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars for it. Because of the high demand for gently used designer handbags, there is now a multitude of sellers that are advertising them at a much lower cost. You may be inclined to believe that such lesser priced handbags are counterfeit but keep in mind that not all greatly reduced handbags are fake.

There are many that are available for sale from reputable sellers. One main reason is that many owners make a decision that their outdated designer bags are no longer needed therefore they are sold for less. There are those that have such a huge collection that they own some that they have not even used at all and actually still have the price tag on them. Regardless of the reason for selling these pre owned bags, just because they may be outdated does not mean that nobody wants them. Since luxury handbags are designed with the purpose of having a timelessly elegant style, even if it is last year’s style nobody will know unless they are pure fashion narcissists. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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