Popular kpop merchandise fans love collecting!

Popular kpop merchandise fans love collecting!

It is no secret that kpop fans go all out when it comes to supporting their idols. As much as remarkable music, kpop provides us with another thing that makes being a kpop fan even more exciting. Kpop merchandise! Collecting these merchandise is the bacon of joy for diehard fans, and we are sure you will agree with us. From official albums to cute dolls, there is endless kpop merchandise online any kpop fan can have, but there are certainly a few must-haves. Here is a list of items that will make your collection complete once you have all of it.


It is an unwritten rule that every kpop fan should have their favourite group’s albums. Albums contain your favourite idols discography. It is the product of their hard work. At the same time, it includes songs that carry messages they want to convey to their fans, making it an exceptional item to collect. Owning an album, you can listen to your favourite songs and flip over the exclusive photo books that come along with it.


One thing that makes kpop fandom different from other music fandom is the fact that they have this one official and essential item used in their favourite group’s concert. Lightstick! Lightsticks are used to identify themselves as a fan of the music. It is mainly used during concerts to give their fans a sense of belongingness. These perfectly designed light sticks used in gatherings and shows make everything more colourful and brighter.

Photo cards:

Photo cards are a must when it comes to collectibles. These are simply photos of your favourite idols printed on a nice paper. This might not sound much, but for kpop fans, photo cards are significant. It is having a solid copy of rare photos their idols took of themselves that not everyone has.

Clothing items:

If you are looking for a kpopmerch online that is not for display purpose, try your favourite group’s wearable once. They release apparels like shirts, sweaters, and even hats that you can rock anywhere you go to show your support.


Of course, every kpop fan would want their room to be decorated with their favourite faces. Whether it is official or unofficial, as long as it features their favourite group, it is enough to be a part of their collection and house decor.


Whether you display it on shelves or keep them with you in your bed, dolls is undoubtedly an adorable way to have your favourite idol with you all the time. Moreover, you can even dress them in a custom way. You can find many more accessories to match your idols style and personality in kpop online store.

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