Prepaid Card Supplier Singapore- find the market for prepaid recharge cards

Prepaid Card Supplier Singapore- find the market for prepaid recharge cards

With digitalization and tech revolutions happening in every corner of the world, people have become slaves to new gadgets and innovations. Everybody wants to make their life easier, and nobody wants to hustle. Whether in the corporate world, personal lives, daily chores, making transactions, or running a business, everything can be done with one click of a button.

Visit a mall and enter its food court or the fun zone, and you are asked to make a card of a certain amount and swipe it to pay for an arcade game or place an order for the food.

It is applicable on every ride and every stall. This is not just it; ever since people have gotten used to their way around credit and debit cards or even online payment platforms, they avoid carrying cash as much as possible. But since not everybody can understand the complex system of acquiring a card or keeping the minimum required balance in their account, they rely on cash payments.


What are prepaid mobile recharge cards?

People in Singapore have taken this addiction to card payments to another level. Ever since now, we have heard of cards for a fun zone, food court, metro, debit card, credit card but there are companies here that have launched cards to recharge your phone balance. Call it a retail/corporate gift but a prepaid card supplier singapore is much real. It has a simple process, and you recharge the card, add money to it and exchange it for the number of minutes of talk time you need locally or overseas whenever and wherever. These websites offer you an opportunity to use these cards in the wholesale market and offer excellent and trusted products to their consumers. 

Working and limitations of prepaid cards

These companies have both offline, and online stores set up in the city. They offer affordable, and a variety of data plans to choose from and just top-up with your card, and if you ever run out of balance in your card, just recharge is quick, and you are good to go. These recharge plans start from as low as $5 and go up to $100 or more. The more the price, the more the advantages like more minutes of talk-time, more internet to surf on, roaming, international calls, free data, if any, and more.

There are also certain limitations to these cards. They are invalid in phones with 2G connectivity, services like free messaging and Facebook or facetime or WeChat are only valid for a certain period, and more.

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