Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies for Lash Artists

Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies for Lash Artists

Want to get your eyelash extension supplies almost immediately after placing your order? Tired of your eyelash extension provider being constantly out of stock on your must-have tools? StacyLash can deliver professional eyelash extension supplies when you really need them. The key mission of our company is to provide our customers with the required tools and deliver them as fast as possible.

Additional Lash Extension Accessories

The best way to encourage returning clients and increase the clientele base is to use professional tools. When you choose high-quality lash extension tools, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied with the result. However, besides the basic items like extensions, tweezers or glues, there are also additional extension accessories every lash artist needs to have. So, what are they?


  • Microfiber brushes and palette sponges. They are necessary throughout the whole procedure to make it cleaner and more professional. The brushes and sponges will make the application softer as an angel’s wings. Plus, these two materials can make the whole work easier.
  • Adhesive holders will help you make the process faster. The holders provide additional handling during the application.
  • Gel eye pads. Decide for yourself whether you need them or not, but the pads can help your customers feel more comfortable during the lash extension procedure.
  • A tweezer travel case. Its main purpose is to be able to take all your tools with you wherever you go. It’s easier to put everything in one and carry them with you. The choice of cases is huge today so you can choose the best option for yourself. Most of them have an inner flap to protect all your brush heads and tweezer tips.
  • Airflow fan. This tool creates an additional airflow and pushes adhesive fumes away from you and your customer. Another provision that you need on your hands which comes in literal “handy”.
  • Lash shampoo. Its primary aim is to remove makeup from eyelash extensions. It would be pretty difficult to take off all of those little ones without distracting your client. The formula is free from paraben, betaine or any other toxic ingredients.

Keep in mind that your reputation depends not only on your experience in the niche but also on the tools you use. So, if you don’t want to lose your customers, don’t go the cheap road. Never put your reputation at risk; buy professional tools at Stacy Lash!

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