Reasons to buy Authentic Handmade Rugs!

Reasons to buy Authentic Handmade Rugs!

You have seen them grazing the floors of department stores with their beautiful patterns. You have marvelled their beauty at your parents’ house or in old hotels. Handmade rugs have been around for years, and still, the love for these rugs has never faded. Although many fake cheap rugs are available in the market, these are no match for the class and exceptional quality of authentic handmade rugs. Having one displayed in your house will make the interiors look elegant and provide you with limitless comfort and warmth when stepping on the floor. Continue reading to know a few reasons why you should buy handmade oriental rugs.

Unique craftsmanship:

Why go for machine woven rugs when you can buy exquisite handmade rugs?

You may find machine-made rugs that look incredible, but something so much more beautiful and enchanting to a handmade product versus a machine-made. One thing that amazes us is the magnificent detailing of these handcrafted rugs. They come from months of hard work and the love of the weavers. The art of weaving rugs has been passed down through generations to keep the tradition burning bright. Investing in handmade rugs online would mean that you support and appreciate their skill and dedication.

Save money in the long run:

Anyone who buys a cheap fake rug will usually find out in a short time that it is not going to last longer, especially if there are pets or children in the house. It might look good for a few months, we agree, but then in a short time, it wears down and show age.

So, after some months of usage, you are already looking for something to replace. It is always wise to think long term with your rugs. Handmade rugs are ultimately an excellent investment as they last for decades.

Handmade rugs are captivating, thanks to their imperfections!

Handmade rugs have pattern changes and flaws that give them charm and character. Some of our favourite handmade rugs are the ones that have flaws. Handmade rugs are characteristically imperfect because so many factors are involved in their making.

Easy and safe to clean:

Handmade rugs are made of silk or wool. These fully natural fibres can withstand a lot of abuse. Naturally, wool has a lot of lanolin oil in its fibres. When the fibres are cleaned, it brings out the oil even faster. Many people say that handmade rugs look better than when they bought them after washing them the first time. The natural lanolin in the sheep wool causes this effect. Silk also cleans beautifully. Generally, very mild detergents are suggested to use when cleaning, making the rug cleaning process eco-friendly. Like each one of us, each handmade carpets online is unique and tells a story. Indeed, every rug is a unique piece of fine art!


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