Steps for choosing the perfect Abaya for yourself

Steps for choosing the perfect Abaya for yourself

Fallen in love with the Islamic traditional pride ~ the ‘ Burkha ‘ ? Thinking of loading your wardrobe with some of the latest designer collections from a branded label that you’ve been eyeing on for long ? You must be. Abaya is the most popular fashion symbol of the Arabian culture and tradition. Practically there are three most important steps to consider while choosing the best fit :

  1. The ‘ material ‘ of the Burkha, chosen according to the occasion or season or climate of the place where it is to be worn. Warmer climates suggest for linen fabrics whereas in colder countries woollen would be the best. Velvet or silk material would be great for any speacial occasion.
  2. The ‘ design ‘ counts a lot as day by day more impressive and improved ones are coming up, do keep a track not to get fooled by the old designs. Start experimenting with colours or choose from finely designed or embroidered burkhas over the monochromes.
  3. Abayas are mostly worn loose but they also come in various cuts and shapes according to the terms of usuage, like,

  • Casual Abayas are those that are perfect for the daily usage, can be used roughly and has a long wardrobe life owing to it’s tuff and quality material. Mostly made of cotton or other lasting fabrics, that is soft on the skin, light weight with soothing colours and comfortable in the warm climate. Usually devoid of much embellishments, plain and simple yet elegance dripping out from every inch of the dress made with love.
  • Formal Abayas are the ones that mostly women wear to their workplace. Almost every working Islamic women’s attire in a man’s world, to rever and love their tradition flowing. Mainly made in soft pastel shades with light to heavy works of embroidery to bring out the beauty of the most modest attire. However while choosing Abayas for work recommendations are retained for simpler designs of work on them, that gives a classy look.

Yet again, Abayas are chosen according to body shapes :

  • Slimmer women opt for ones with a loose fit,with longer sleeves getting broader at the ends, providing a fuller appearance. ‘ Chiffon ‘ fabric works wonders in this regard.
  • Women having an hourglass body, can wear bi-coloured Abayas with darker hues on the body and lighter tones on the sleeves.
  • Pear shaped body beauties have a slim frame but are heavy at the bottom.Thus opting for a tailored fit that gives a consistency to the body shape would be a wise choice. Crepe and silk materials will work wonders in making a ‘broad at the bottom’ style. However tight fittings are a strict noto avoid highlighting the flawed domains.
  • A contrasting handbag or slingbag or even purse will compliment and complete your look.
  • Clutches will be perfect for any special evening or parties or occasions. Also try for darker colours of accessories and bags for any formal interview to attend.

Searching for any modest clothing store online, will show you numerous results on modest wear, ~ Abayas and many more and you’ll get the best of your choices at a price easy on pockets with even try and buy options and free home delivery with guaranteed and quality products.

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