Take your Pick from the Best Engagement Rings

Take your Pick from the Best Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry worn in life. Symbolizing the promise of the bride and groom’s commitment to each other, engagement rings are exchanged as part of the wedding ceremony witnessed by family and friends. Unlike other pieces of jewelry, these rings are worn at every moment. Therefore, it is essential that an engagement ring is comfortable and compatible with the couple’s sense of style. Before making the final decision the bride and the groom-to-be should spend time looking at and researching rings of different styles and materials. Couples can gain an idea of their likes and dislikes by browsing jewelry stores and internet sites. Couples have several types of rings to choose from to help them find the right engagement ring. Some of the types are properly arranged below:

  1. Solitaire:

If a couple decides to choose elegance and simplicity, solitaire is the right find for their search. Although simplicity is the main reason for most solitaires, however, the couple’s choice of stone and size will possess a major impact on the overall appearance of the ring. Modern shapes like oval or pear will bring out the bold and fierce element, does not matter if the couple is looking for classic or daring, the right solitaire engagement ring can still be incorporated into someone’s personal style.

  1. Halo:

By choosing a halo engagement ring, one can level up the shine in their engagement ring. This type of ring will feature an abundance of shine and sparkle. In the modern era, this type of ring is extremely popular, but there should be a consideration of trends down the road, as some trends might not always be as popular.

  1. Three stone:

There was an era when three stones were relatively a classic design, but with the passing of time, they are now becoming much more modern in style. They feature colored stones for a pop of hue, or contain elongated stones like Emerald, this polished style never fails to grab the attention of the people around.

  1. Accented:

Each variation of the accented ring will look different although there are a few different types that look the same in terms of its size and shape. The most common settings for accent stones are of prong-settings, but one can also opt for Channel, Bezel, Pave and many more styles. Stones such as Pave are unfortunately more prone to falling out over time, while bezel-like stones are much more secure.

  1. Vintage:

Nothing beats the idea of giving your loved one something that is close to an antique that seems invaluable. Vintage designs may not actually be an antique, but it will definitely drop the essence of unaccustomed and is truly special. Vintage style designs for  oval engagement  rings are usually in warm metallic types such as rose or yellow and sometimes even metallic alloys. They may also have a unique prong setting to add additional details. It is of utmost importance to choose a stone that is durable for a lifetime or more from popular australia website Fashion Plaza .

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