The beautiful windows to our soul

The beautiful windows to our soul

One of the best human assets is our eyes. It is one of the first things that we tend to see in someone. It is considered as the windows to the soul. We can see someone’s emotions and feelings through their eyes. It means our eyes speak too even if no words are coming out from it. It shows that our eyes are very powerful.

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In reality, our eyes are our window to see our loved ones and our surroundings. Through our eyes, every person has their own way on how they view the world around them. Our eyes are simply powerful because it allows us to connect with our surroundings. But what are the other vital roles of our eyes to humans?

  • It keeps us safe.
  • It gives us shapes, colors, and patterns.
  • It gives us the ability to witness different events of life.
  • It gives us the ability to make an assessment.
  • It helps our minds to keep sharp and alert.

These are just some of the common roles of our eyes to the lives of humans. But there are more things that our eyes can do to us, especially for women.

Most of the women today are having eye make-up for them to be more beautiful. This is very common for women who want to achieve a full make-up. Other than that, many women are putting eyelash extensions, also their eyes. These eyelash extensions primarily serve as an additional volume to the natural human eyelashes. But why do many women love having eyelash extensions?

  • It will enhance the eyes and the overall look of a woman when she is wearing make-up.

– It is one of the main reasons why women love to add eyelash extensions because it will enhance their overall look when they are wearing make-up, most especially when there are parties and gatherings that women are attending to.

  • It will add fullness to the natural lashes of a woman.

– For women who have short and thin eyelashes, the only things that they can do to achieve a broad eyelash are through having eyelash extensions.

  • It will add length that will make people draw their eyes in you.

– Adding eyelash extensions will give more life to your eyes that will result in attention and praise from other people.

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