The best in men’s shoes this season

The best in men’s shoes this season

We list the most popular men’s shoes this summer, with recommendations on what to wear with them.

Men’s footwear has always been something of a puzzle. In the absence of heeled footwear that is a staple with women, men’s shoes have not had too much scope for experimentation. But even within their limited sphere of design, men’s shoes have evolved tremendously into different types over the years.

These are the season’s best offerings in men’s shoes across popular shopping apps like Jabong:

* Crocs. There was a time when crocs for men were all the rage – every second man could be seen sporting them with their casual ensemble. Then the craze died down briefly, to reappear again this season. Crocs for men are deceptively stylish; they look like your everyday casual wear shoes, but they are uber fashionable and make even drab ensembles come alive. Besides, men’s crocs are now available in many colours and styles, and some of them can be worn in all kinds of weather. Pair with colour blocked cotton shorts or denim pants, and a tee.

* Sneakers. Every man’s go-to footwear staple, sneakers are fun and youthful. This season, you can buy sneakers in new colours like sky blue, olive green and maroon. White sneakers are also quite popular at the moment, but be sure to colour block the rest of your outfit and stick to neutral shades when wearing them. Sneakers look great with any kind of fitted pants, a well-tailored shirt or even a tee and jacket thrown over your shoulders.

* Loafers. Men just can’t get over loafers, can they? Loafers are chic and comfortable, and they make their wearer look on point in the fashion stakes. Lately, loafers have become acceptable formal wear as well, so if you wear fitted pants, a crisply tailored shirt and a blazer to work, you can complete your look with loafers instead of your usual formal leather shoes. But be sure to match the colour of your shoes with that of your pants when wearing loafers to the workplace.

* Boots. Apart from the kinds of footwear that every man routinely buys, boots must also be included in the wardrobe. Boots are classified as casual wear, with most men opting to wear them with denim jeans and tees. Boots are normally used for walking, running or even outdoor activities like hiking. Be sure to pick boots with a ridged, thick sole for anti-slip and sole supportive actions.

* Slippers. After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is kick off your shoes and get your feet inside a comfortable pair of slippers. Your favourite pair of slippers make the world seem alright again, because they let your skin breathe and they are comfortable. You can even wear a stylish pair of leather slippers when you’re headed out to meet friends or going grocery shopping.a

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