The Clothes That A Newborn Baby Needs

The Clothes That A Newborn Baby Needs

When you are expecting a baby, clothes shopping is one the most important and the most fun activity that you can do. However, do you really know what your newborn baby needs? The type of clothes that he or she will need, and just how many of these would you need to buy? What about Newborn sleep wear?

            These are the questions that you should have an answer for before you even start spending on baby clothes. Remember that babies grow fast. It is best that you don’t spend too much money on outfits that are of the smallest size. Some of them might not be used at all. So here are the most important things that you should know when buying clothes for your baby.

The Newborn Clothes Sizes

            So what is really the size of a newborn? You need to look for a size 000. This is the best size for babies from 0-3 months. The size 00 is perfect for babies from 3-6 months. There are some newborns who are naturally bigger than the others that would need to go straight to size 00. This is totally fine. You can just roll up the sleeves and it won’t take long until they would fit on this size.

How Many Clothes Do They Need?

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            You need plenty. For you not to overspend on clothes that are not needed, here is a short guide before you go shopping for your newborn baby.

    • 4-6 pieces
    • 4-6 pieces
    • Nighties and jumpsuits for nightwear. 2-3 pieces
  • 3-5 pieces
  • Cardigans or Jackets. 1-2 which can be used during winter.
  • Bunny Rugs or Muslin Wraps. 3-5 pieces
  • Cotton Hats. 3-5 pieces
  • Socks and Mittens. 3-5 pairs

The Kind Of Clothes To Buy

            When it comes to jumpsuits, choose the stretchy ones with buttons on the front. The tops should have envelope necks making it easier for your and the baby when it’s time to change. You can also buy jumpsuits with zippers which will make it easier for you to dress the baby. Refrain from buying clothes that have too many buttons and something that would be difficult to pass over the baby’s head.

            When choosing clothes, remember that your baby should be as comfortable as possible, especially during the hot months. Buy clothes that are soft and comfortable, and also those that are easy to wash and dry. Avoid buying clothes that need ironing. You may not have enough time to do that. Sleepwear should also have a low fire hazard label.

When Washing Newborn Clothes

            Washing your baby’s clothes is not as complicated as others think it would be. Just refrain from using strong detergents as well as fabric softeners and you can just wash them together with your own clothes. For clothes and cloth nappies that are soiled in poo, you need to soak them in nappy sanitiser first before you wash them.

Buying clothes for the newborn baby can be a lot of fun. But remember that as early as now, you should be wise with your spending, especially when you are on a budget. You have a long way to go, and you will still have plenty of clothes shopping to do as they grow older. Just enjoy but be a smart buyer!

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