The Proper Way to Wear Your Wedding Rings

The Proper Way to Wear Your Wedding Rings

After your wedding, you may be wondering just how to wear your wedding ring. Do you still wear your engagement ring on your ring finger? Of course, you can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring on your ringfinger.But on which hand and on which finger to wear your ring? What if they clash? Or what if you also have a promise ring that has sentimental value? What if you have been with your husband since high school and receivrd a promise ring when you left for college?So many questions that you need to have the answer to wear your wedding ring properly.

We have all the answers on how to wear your wedding band, engagement ring and /or promise ring the right way.

The Right Way to Wear Your Wedding Rings

If your friends got engaged recently, you have likely had your social media feed with engagement ring pictures. One way to know how to wedding ring is to simply ask your friends who were married. One thing you should know is that the finger and hand to wear your ring can be entirely up to you. When you received your wedding band and the eternity band, they remind you of the commitment to one another. Because of this, we can rarely shown the correct way to wear all three rings.

which finger to wear your ring

But if you want to wear them in the correct way, we have the answer for you. It turns out there is a specific way you should be wearing your rings. Your wedding band should be the first ring on your third finger of your left hand. It will be closest to your heart. Your diamond engagement ring will come next, sitting just above your wedding band or ring. Traditionally, your engagement ring does not have to be, worn all the time once you are married, and it is mostly worn as a dress ring for special occasions.This engagement rings daily once they are married.

You can wear your promise ring on any finger. If you are not married, you can even wear it on your ring finger of the left hand. However, when you are married, it is the best way to wear your promise ring on the right hand. The meaning of the promise ring is to express your love and commitment.

Lastly, your eternity ring can be above your engagement ring, or this ring can also be placed on your third finger of your right hand. For your wedding day, engagement rings are traditionally worn on your third finger of your right hand. That allows you and your significant other to easily exchange wedding band during your vowels without having to take your engagement ring off. And there have you it, everything you need to know to wear your wedding ring, promise ring, engagement ring, and eternity ring.

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