The ultimate guide to know diamonds completely

The ultimate guide to know diamonds completely

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars. Some even said they were tears from the gods. The truth is that the exact origin of diamonds is still a mystery even for scientists and geologists. Click here for pink diamonds for sale.

Diamond is the hardest mineral known to man and yet it is very simple in its composition; It has the same as the graphite of a pencil, although it does not break so easily.

Its melting point is two and a half times higher than steel, and approximately 4,000 degrees Celsius is necessary to melt a diamond.

Why are diamonds so valuable?

Everything extremely scarce becomes valuable. Diamonds, formed millions of years ago, are because very few survived the long journey from the depths of the earth to the surface.

Obtaining a relatively small amount of quality gems, as well as industrial diamonds, is not easy, even with today’s sophisticated technology. Among those chosen, few will reach a size larger than the head of a match. Visit this site for green diamonds for sale.

The diamond enduring symbol of love

Until the fifteenth century only kings were worthy of wearing diamonds; Symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. However, throughout the centuries the diamond acquired its status as a gift essentially identified with love.

Nowadays it is common for engagement rings to have one or several diamonds set. It is a lasting, unbreakable and unbreakable stone and therefore, the one that best defines the concept of eternity in love. The same word “diamond” comes from the Greek and means “indestructible.”

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How carving influences, the beauty of a diamond

An uncut diamond resembles a pebble so much that most people would pass by without even looking at it. Only the skill of the carver releases the wild beauty that hides its interior. The carver cannot afford a mistake. Not only is the diamond in danger that would lose part of its value, but the work of months it needs to be carved and polished. During that process, the stone loses an average of 50% of its original weight.

The beauty of a diamond also depends on the way it reflects light. The carver must find a way to cut the stone so that the light enters through its upper end so that it bounces inside again to exit through the same place through which it entered.


Most diamonds apparently have no color, although there are some that may contain light yellow or brown dyes such as the so-called “champagne diamonds.” There are also exceptional colors such as green, red, blue, pink or amber among others and are known as “fantasy diamonds.”

The color of the diamonds is valued on a scale between the letters D and Z; being classified with a color “D” the whitest and lightest, and therefore, the most expensive.

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