Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry Beads Online

Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry Beads Online

Jewelry making has an appeal. The thought of creating your own pieces of adornment is truly fascinating. To many, it is an ideal hobby because of their endless creativity and the versatility of the bead materials. Whether you consider it a hobby or a business potential, you should learn how to secure it properly.

Beads are not that simple. You will be overwhelmed but with the right guidance, you can successfully secure beads for whatever project you are in. Here’s how to successfully buy Beads online.

Know the types of beads first

There are many types of beads. Sometimes it can be confusing but once you are familiar with their name, how they look and their characteristics, it will be easier to identify the right one for your project. The most common is the seed bead. It is a small-sized bead that looks like a round plant seed. There’s a cylinder bead with a large hole and straight side. Cut beads have flat sides or cuts; its cut on the side allows it to sparkle more.

Learn about gemstone enhancements

Beads today are made of almost any material. It also comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Before you buy beads, you should know about the enhancements made to beads. A gemstone enhancement refers to a treated bead to improve its color, durability, and appearance.

The enhancement can be dyeing (improving the color of the bead), bleaching (whitens or lightens the beads), heating (darkens the color of some beads) or stabilisation (makes imperfections less visible).

Check the bead size chart

The next thing to consider is the size. To help you choose the right size for your project, you should refer to the bead size chart. The bead size chart will give you an actual graphics of the common bead sizes – in millimeters. This will allow you to buy beads smartly.

Assess the bead pricing

Whether it is a bead store or online, you will find the price instantly. Look for bead wholesalers because they offer 50% off the price. Shop around first and determine which online store offers reasonable bead prices. Keep in mind that the higher the grade, the more expensive the beads.

Evaluate the bead grades or quality

You can also base your purchase by its grade or quality. Grades are important if you buy manmade beads. If it is of natural origins, the flaws are what make them unique and beautiful. You have to know that the quality grading system for opaque beads is not too rigid. In some cases, you do not see any grade. When this happens, you just need to read the description.

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