Things To Know About Selfgel Gel Polish

Things To Know About Selfgel Gel Polish

Selfgel is one of the gels with which you can have fun. It’s a gel polish that comes in a variety of colors. Some shades are more transparent, and others are more opaque, and it offers a selection of shiny or matte finishes.

I find it easy to use and prefer it as an alternative to traditional polish because my nails aren’t as strong as they used to be after I stopped smoking. Selfgel also comes in other forms, such as strips, but I love the nail polish version because they need less drying time than their other form.

You should know certain things about this type of gel nail polish, including how long the product lasts on your nails and how well it protects them.

The main thing is that the gel polish you use lasts up to two weeks, depending on the quality of your nails. If you have weak nails damaged, Selfgel will not be as effective because it will only be able to adhere well to the nail plate.

It’s essential that before applying Selfgel, you make sure your nails are strong enough and free of any imperfection, such as chips. Before applying the self-geling polish, you should remove all traces of nail polish with a base coat remover or acetone. This is to make the surface of the nails smooth and clean.

Gel Nail Polish at Home

You should apply a base coat and wait for it to dry. The gel polish needs to be applied directly over the base coat. Normally, after applying the Selfgel liquid, you apply a color coat followed by a second layer that’s usually transparent or with a slight tint of color.

That will give your nails a little extra shine and help prevent chipping. Then let it dry for about five minutes before gently rubbing it with your fingertips or using a non-metallic file to remove any excess. This way you’ll get rid of any bumps caused by the brush strokes when you applied the product.

Once you’ve let the product dry, apply a final layer to protect your nails. It’s normal for the nails to feel rough or bumpy at first, but after a few hours, you’ll notice that they’re becoming smooth and shiny.

Even when you apply Selfgel it’s important that you keep your nails in good condition, so it’s better not to leave them bare for more than two weeks because that could weaken them and make them more prone to breakage.

In the beginning, when applying Selfgel, one bottle is enough to cover all ten fingernails, but as time goes by and your skills improve, you can use less polish per nail.

In conclusion, you’re better off using Selfgel rather than your traditional nail polish because it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be reapplied as often. You can either choose a regular formula or one that helps your nails grow, so there are benefits for both types of women.

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