Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Argyle Diamonds

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Argyle Diamonds

Over the years naturally coloured diamonds from Argyle has become the rage and for the right reasons. They are rare which makes them pricey to purchase but if you hold on to them for a while and sell them off when the time is right, you can make a ton of cash easily!

This calls for further research into the topic. Let’s begin then, shall we!?

A glance at the composition of Argyle’s naturally coloured diamonds

In the opinion of experts associated with a leading pink diamond investment solution provider, Argyle’s pink diamonds come with their very own unique composition. This was naturally made possible by the volcanic pipe (Argyle Pipe) where Argyle’s diamonds are usually found. The volcanic pipe is made up of olivine lamproite.

The unique composition of Argyle’s coloured diamonds is the result of an eruption that resulted in chemical interactions between minerals like kaolinite, zeolites, clays, and micas the developing diamonds who were further subjected to enormous temperatures and pressure.

An insight into the colour variations of Argyle pink diamonds

Argyle’s pink diamonds are categorized into the following types:

  • Purplish Pink (PP)
  • Pink (P)
  • Bubble Gum Pink (BCP) – the most popular among all pink Argyle diamonds
  • Pink Rosé (PR) and
  • Pink Champagne (PC).

After segregating them as per their perceived colours, the diamonds are then categorised based on the intensity of their colours. The grading system starts at 1 and ends at 9, which is the lowest.

How rare are Argyle’s pink diamonds?

More than ninety per cent of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from Australia’s Argyle mine. But why Argyle’s Pink Diamonds are considered as rare? Well, only one pink diamond is present in every 2.5 million tons of processed ore from Argyle mine! If this doesn’t justify rarity, we don’t know what will.

Furthermore, Argyle’s pink diamonds are rare because they are low in supply. Over the years, the coloured diamond reserves of the mine have gone down considerably.

Now if you consider the two factors – low supply and the seemingly evident closure of Argyle mine in 2020, it is clear that the price of both pink Argyle diamonds and other coloured diamonds from the mine will shoot up. And this has happened!

For instance, if you had twenty thousand dollars a few years back, you would have easily got your hands on a 0.37 Carat naturally coloured diamond but that is not possible now even if you pay triple of that amount!

What makes Argyle’s pink diamonds so special?

Well, the answer to the above question, in a nutshell, would be a rarity.

Natural pink coloured diamonds from Australia’s Argyle mine are known for their elegance, prestige, aesthetic appeal, rarity and high reselling price.

The Argyle mine has the largest stock of naturally coloured diamonds but the most precious of them all is the rare pink coloured diamond. Argyle diamonds are assessed and priced by considering their purity in terms of colour and secondary hues (if any).

Furthermore, keep in mind that if you get your hands on an Argyle diamond with strong colour intensity, you are sure to pay a high price for it.

Note that you should always consult and make a purchase from renowned companies that are associated with coloured diamond investments, both in jewellery as well as loose diamond forms. When you are purchasing diamonds from renowned vendors you are not only getting the best deals but also shielding yourself from getting duped. Get the idea?

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