Timex iConnect™ Active: An Affordable Fitness Tracker for an Active Lifestyle

Since the introduction of the Fitbit in 2009, wearable fitness trackers have taken the country by storm. People who use them love them, too. They can talk for hours about the various features and tricks. Fitness trackers have a variety of different functions, and some of them work better than others. Here’s a rundown of what fitness bands can do as well as the technology behind them:

  • Count Your Steps. Pretty much every fitness tracker contains an accelerometer, a device that measures how fast something is changing its speed or direction. Using this tool, the tracker can count the number of steps you take as well as measure your movements from side to side or up and down.
  • Measure Other Movements. More high-end trackers also contain various other sensors to track your movement. For instance, they can use a gyroscope, which can spin in any direction around a fixed axis to figure out whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down.
  • Check Your Vital Signs. Many fitness trackers contain a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse, both during exercise and while at rest. Some can also detect your skin temperature and level of perspiration. They combine this data with your pulse rate to figure out just how hard you’re working out.
  • Keep Track of Calories. Fitness trackers use your heart rate to estimate how many calories you’ve burned during the day. A few also come with an app that lets you record how many calories you consume. That way, you can track calories consumed against calories burned.

While there are plenty of worthwhile fitness tracking watches, most of them are too expensive to be accessible to a wider range of people. At those prices, people begin to wonder whether these gadgets are really worth it or not. Timex has released its new fitness tracking watch- iConnect by Timex – Active Edition. TIMEX, one of the world’s largest watch manufacturer expands its smartwatch portfolio with the all-new iConnect™ Active collection in India. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, the new iConnect™ Active collection aims to give fitness enthusiasts a smart approach and aid them in leading a healthier lifestyle without burning a hole in their pocket. The brand new collection comes witha 37mm graphical color display, lightweight case design, and optical heart rate sensor. In addition to this, the new collection sports comprehensive health and fitness features like steps & distance tracker, calories tracker, sleep tracker, sport mode and music controller to help users keep a tab on their health journey. The collection also comes with noteworthy features such as weather forecast, search for the phone and smart notifications for emails, text messages, calls, and other social media apps. The watches are available in a wide array of exciting colored straps .Priced atjust  INR 4,999,a watch from the new iConnect collection is something you must own. The watch can be purchased from shop.timexindia.com or the retail outlets of Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop.  So, what are you waiting to buy a smart watch online from Timex as soon as you can!