Tips for Personalising Your Necklaces

Tips for Personalising Your Necklaces

Necklaces can be worn as a fashion statement or as a sentiment. If you want both, you can consider personalising your necklaces. When it comes to personalising necklaces, it involves finding the right chain and the pendant. As a start, you can consider Jewellery Designing Ideas.

You can browse through designer jewellery australia online for inspiration but before anything, you need to understand everything about chains. You must know that chains come in different styles. It is imperative that you become familiar with the different types of chains so you will know what types will best suit your design. Styles include the following:

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  • Cable chain: this is also known as link chain. It is made of round or oval links having the same size. The cable chain is typically found in simple necklaces with a charm or pendant. This type of chain is best suited for small to medium-sized pendants.
  • Ball chain: this is also known as bead chain. It is made of round metal beads fixed along its length. There is a small distance in between beads. Ball chain typically needs a special connector that goes over and around the ball or bead chain forming a loop.
  • Figaro chain: you will is a Figaro chain because of the pattern. The pattern merges two or three small circular links to form one elongated oval link.
  • Rolo chain: the links of this chain are similar and often round. The links are joined in simple alternating sequence making it simple yet durable.
  • Snake chain: this is also called the Brazilian chain. It creates a zigzag look and it is tightly linked.

While you can make your own chain, the process can be grueling and time-consuming. It is easier to purchase prefabricated chain and utilise it in your jewelry designs. Here are other tips for personalising your necklaces:

  • Avoid plated chains: if you want your jewelry to last a long time, you should consider

gold or sterling chains. Keep in mind that the base metals of plated chains are covered with a layer of silver or gold on the outside. While they are inexpensive, they can lose their plating over time. This can affect the look of your jewelry over time.
• Think about your project: when choosing a link, you have to think about your project first. If you want to add more accessories down the road, you have to ensure that you can open the links. With this, you need to look for chains that have easy to separate links.
• Reduce tarnish: to reduce the tarnish, you need to keep it wrapped around pieces of cardboard and store in airtight containers. During the process, you need to toss silica gel packets to significantly reduce tarnish.

If you are the type the loves layering the necklaces, you should know how to do it properly. It is not only trending but it looks good. Layering is fun especially if you put contrasting styles like classic pearls worn with contemporary shapes. Do not forget to combine different chain lengths. By choosing different lengths, you achieve the cascading effect allowing every piece to stand on its own.

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