Tips on How to Buy Your First Suit

Tips on How to Buy Your First Suit

If it’s your first time buying a new suit, you’ll want to consider several important factors. Trying to find a suit can be slightly daunting, especially if you decide to visit a retail store. You end up getting bombarded with questions, mostly because the store assistant wants to make a quick sale, but there are other alternatives, online suit shopping is one of them.

What is the Purpose of your Purchase?

Before you decide on a suit, first consider why you are buying the suit, is it for multiple purposes? Or is it for a specific dinner date? Once you’ve established that answer to this question you’ll find it much easier to choose a suitable outfit. Ask yourself these 4 questions about your suit:

  • Are you buying the suit for a particular season (Winter, Summer etc.)? The time of the year is very important when it comes to picking a fabric.
  • Are you mostly going to wear the suit to work or business meetings, or is it solely for formal events like weddings and dinner parties? Tuxedo type suits are more appropriate for formal occasions, while trendy, stylish, informal kind of suits are better for work and business meetings.

  • Will you be wearing the suit every week, or will it be used once or twice a year? If you wear a suit every week, you must ensure you purchase a product which is perfectly fitted guaranteeing comfort all year round.
  • What way do you plan on wearing the suit? If you don’t plan on wearing the blazer too much, you must be sure to choose a suitable shirt because this is what most people will see when they meet you.

Consider Your Budget

Decide on price, how much are you willing to pay? Online companies like Suited Up offer dinner suits and other kinds of products for every occasion, all their goods vary in price depending on what type of suit you wish to purchase. It really depends on personal preference, the more you spend, the better quality you get. Although the most expensive suits aren’t necessarily the best, price usually equates to quality.

  • Don’t go too cheap – You’ll have no problems finding a well-made suit without having to pay huge money for it, take some time to research sites and settle for a business who offer high-class suits at an affordable price. You should avoid any suit which retails at under $150, it won’t last and you’re basically throwing your money away.
  • Pay that little bit extra – Don’t mull over an extra $100 if it gets you a first-class product, it is better to pay that little bit more than settling for a cheaper alternative.

There are some great online suppliers who can visit your home with a consultant and have you fitted with a stylish, sophisticated suit in a matter of days if you don’t fancy visiting multiple retailers. It is a hassle-free alternative to conventional shopping, and you don’t have to worry about be hassled by shop assistants.

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