Tips on how to set up your party tables and chairs

Tips on how to set up your party tables and chairs

Regardless if your celebration is simple or grand, you need to ensure that you achieve the look of what you have planned for the party. To make a pleasing impression on your visitor, you need the party tables and chairs to be a significant part of the event. It would help if you got a table centrepieces for hire to avoid the hassle.

Even if you have centerpieces during the event, your tables and chairs will have a significant visual impact on your party. Below are some essential things you must remember when choosing your tables and chairs.

Make a plan based on the seating arrangement.

Create the seating arrangement based on the type of event you are holding. For example, launches and meetings are always significant with theater-style seating. It maximizes the area they will be sitting. Rectangular and long tables are good with this style since they will be efficient for the space.

Also, long tables will not be good if you have more social functions like parties and dances. You can go with small, square or round tables. It would be your best choice, as people need more effort when conversing. Banquet sitting is preferred here. If you want to maximize more space, smaller chairs are ideal. 

Include the size of the venue when planning.

The size of the venue will play a significant role when setting up your tables and chairs. The number of people attending always plays a huge role since this will indeed affect the size of furniture and decor you can fit. If you are holding outdoor and significant events, combine small, long, or round tables. It is common at weddings. Smaller venues with many attendees can use a lounge setup with no formal table and chair groups. You can have scattered sets of sofas, benches, or ottomans. This type of setup encourages walking and mingling rather than just sitting. You can go with full-sized tables and chairs if you have many attendees in a small venue.

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Always create a plan based on your budget.

Ensure that when you rent your tables and chairs, they will be based on the comfort they will give your visitors. But above all, this needs to be in your budget range. Assuming that you already have them,  you can rent the type that would fit best in your event.

If you want to create an extraordinary visual impact but have a minimal budget, You can instead invest in decorating the chairs. If you are getting monoblock chairs, you can decorate them with a cloth to match the theme. It is a very cost-effective solution. If you have the budget, you can always choose what brand, color, model, and design you prefer.

There are a lot of companies that offer great deals for tables and chairs. Most of them are available online. Do some research and get recommendations from friends or family that have tried using the service. It will save you more time and will have an idea of how much you will need to spend.

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