Tips to Purchase Extra Wide Shoes

Tips to Purchase Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes offer high comfort, especially for those individuals who are always on the go. While looking for them, consider the following tips.


Those who are currently looking for extra wide shoes, they must first familiarise themselves with how sizing works. The extra wide shoes are represented by E. Similar to other shoe categories; extra wide shoes come in a wide range of categories with different widths. The increase in the width of extra wide shoes is represented by the number of Es. For instance, EE is wider than E, EEE is wider than EE, and EEEE is wider than EEE.

Foot Measurements

To begin with, one must measure their feet to identify the correct size of width for their extra wide shoes. This can save time while talking to store attendants. An easy way of foot measurement is to use a piece of paper and stand on it so the complete foot can be traced. To prevent the paper from sliding, one can tape down the paper. Afterward, they can retrace their foot and perform the width measurement for all the widest points—like the foot’s centre.

Width Impact

While going out to purchase extra wide shoes, one has to learn an important concept: the wider the one’s foot is, the higher the shoe is from the vamp to sale—it is going to have an impact on the shoe, hence one has to remember this when they are looking for extra wide shoes. It is handy to purchase the right size for both the vamp height ratio and width.

Shoe Type

While looking for extra wide shoes for men, one has to make up their mind about which shoe type they like the most. If one is interested in athletic shoes, then it is important to ensure that they are comfortable enough. Some people are concerned with the shoe width during workouts; for such cases, there is an option to purchase marginally wider footwear or else one can expect to face aching feet. Those individuals who plan to go to the office can use the extra wide dress shoes. For a greater degree of comfort, there is also the option to wear extra wide sandals.

Where to Buy?

Here comes the most important part. There is no compromise on the quality of footwear. One has to wear shoes all the time; when a subpar quality of shoes is selected, they deteriorate within a few months.

Instead, what one can do is that they can pick a reputable retailer who is known for selling high-quality and reliable products.

As such, one can pick Wide Fit Shoes. Wide Fit Shoes does not only cater to the common person—both men and women, they also offer comfortable shoes for those who are suffering from swollen ankles, corns, diabetes, arthritis, problem feet, sore feet, gout, swollen insteps, and other health related issues. This is why the company was approved by around 9,000 Health Professionals!

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