Top Nail Painting Tips That Really Work This 2019

Top Nail Painting Tips That Really Work This 2019

For most people, nail art polish is as mystifying as artwork. However, there is solid science behind every brush stroke and every execution of nail art design. There are techniques that need to be mastered and learned. The good thing is that anyone can learn how to be good at it. At its core, nail polish art is really just small scale painting, where most of the work goes into preparing the surface to be painted. How the nails are prepared prior to painting will dictate the results of the nail polishing job. Depending on how the nails are prepped, it could spell disaster or success. Below are some of the most practical and common sense tips to apply to your nail polishing habits.

Not All Nail Polish Are Created Equal

Nail Polish has cheap and knock-off versions as well, due to their popularity. Make sure you are only buying the best quality nail polish available such as Esmaltes semipermanentes to ensure only the best results are delivered when you use them. You may end up spending more by buying cheap polish as the cheaper they get, you could end up reapplying them after just hours on your nails. Constant re-application will not only cost you money but may pose a health risk as well, possibly dehydrating your cuticles and damaging them.

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Do Not Cut Your Cuticles

Instead of cutting your cuticles, just gently push them up for that perfect rounded shape. Although one of the most common in a nail polisher’s arsenal of tools, the clipper should only be used for cutting overhanging nails and not the cuticle itself. This thin delicate skin along the top of your nails serves an important purpose, and that is to protect you from infection. Remove that and you will be more prone to picking up any unwanted germ that may infect your fingernails. That is just like opening up your front door and letting fungus and bacteria in. Of course, you must not let that happen – leave your cuticles alone! 

Always Use A Proper Base Coat

Another pro tip is to use a proper base coat for before laying on the color. Never use the top coat as the base paint for the nails as it doesn’t have the additives that make nail color stick more to the nail surface. It also acts as a barrier between your nails and the nail polish itself which has an elevated chance of staining your fingernails with color. The proper base coat will eliminate this possibility.

The “DIP”

Dip your recently done fingernails into cold water for a few seconds will help them dry faster, saving you the time and also eliminating the risk of you damaging them while drying them out.

To Conclude

These are just a few of the practical tips you can do to keep those nails well polished and look professionally done all the time.

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