Trench Coats and the Perfect Solutions for You Now

Trench Coats and the Perfect Solutions for You Now

A timeless item of clothing often found in ladies ‘and girls’ wardrobes, the women’s trench is a staple of women’s fashion. This coat worn in mid-season is very popular with many women in Europe and will certainly remain for a long time in the top of the types of trendy coats for women.

Contrary to what others may think, there is more than one kind of trench coat for women. Wearing a trench coat has also become a very popular practice as many brands have decided to create new trendy models. How then to choose a trench? This article will give you all the advice you need to choose your trench and wear it well.

What is a women’s trench coat?

 The trench coat or trench coat for women is a type of waterproof coat that generally descends to the level of the calves.

Originally called a trench coat, it was used mainly during the First and Second World War.

Today, choosing a trench coat for women is no longer as simple as before, since many manufacturers are offering more new models. The trench is now made with:

  • a resistant flexible canvas: cotton, leather, poplin, microfibers, ticking
  • a detachable lining depending on the temperature
  • buttons, usually 5 to 10 in number
  • cross models
  • ocher, black, beige or khaki colors

The trench for women often has several strips of fabric located inside to allow the attachment of the model to the legs and a perfect bonding against the body. Its sleeves are of the raglan type and have tightening tabs at the wrists. They also have shoulder tabs to secure the braids, leather gloves, hat or the strap of a bag.

Although a trench coat was originally intended for men, women today also dream of wearing this kind of clothing in mid-season.

women's trench coat

The history of the trench coat

The trench coat for women originates from the heavy coats worn by French and English soldiers during the First World War. Indeed, the first model of trench coat was designed in 1914 by the famous Thomas Burberry to meet the demand of the army and officers. The latter had to face merciless fighting on a battlefield where bad weather is more present than ever. They therefore needed to wear a waterproof trench coat to protect themselves from the cold, gusts of wind and rain. It is also for this reason that it was called ” trench coat ” at this time in history. The trench coat resumes the style of British officer’s coats at the beginning of the 20th century, but with additional shoulder pads.

During the Second World War, the trench coat was still one of the essential equipment to be worn by soldiers, officers and army forces:

  • to USA
  • United Kingdom
  • in Nazi Germany
  • for the Soviet Union

However, compared to the first models, the trenches worn during the Second War adopted shorter styles such as the “field jacket” or the “smock” to promote movement and mobility. Choosing a trench was therefore not a real choice; it was rather a necessity, an obligation towards the nation to properly occupy the post of warrior, soldier and army officer.

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