Unique Bookshelf Ideas for Book Lovers

Unique Bookshelf Ideas for Book Lovers

Where you hang your art, pieces are as important as knowing what to hang on your walls. Remember that the whole space around the art piece has become an extension of it. The lighting, the space around it and how close or farther away it is to the furniture, all interactions with the part of your art should be measured in totality before deciding to fix the piece. The bottom line is that a larger, more expensive piece may not necessarily be the right one, and a smaller piece may be more appropriate for a given place on your wall.

Metal Bookmark: One idea that has all book lovers love is to have an attached vertical strip of metal to the wall where you can simply read the book and flip it upside down on the bookmark where you stopped reading to make it easier to carry on later. You can draw these metallic strips in beautiful colours and printed designs to make them look attractive and beautiful.

Hollowed TV Bookcase: Have an old vintage television set at home? You can now turn it into a hollowed book shelf where it will be compact for storing your latest or all-time favourite collection. It will also give a new look to the old boring TV.

Ladder book shelf:  Attach the ladder horizontally to the wall and you can simply arrange the books in the colours of the ladder and it will look beautiful just like a bookshelf. This beautiful decor concept is very easy to implement because all you need is a wooden ladder and a great collection of your books and magazines.

There is another ladder bookshelf idea where you can just use the step ladder to stand parallel to each other and the wooden planks are well balanced between the two and you can draw the books on top of the board where it will look like a small size to implement. Very simple library and it looks unique and interesting.

space around the art piece

Leather Shoe Book Shelf:  Simply hang two leather belts of different sizes on the metal clamp and you can balance the books on the leather fingers and they will stand securely and in balance. It is suitable for keeping very few books where you can use it for daily reading purposes.

Rope shelves: This is one of the common ideas where you can just drill holes in the wooden planks and attach the rope between them with a knot and place the books on the shelves and they will form a wooden hanging book shelf.

Wooden Pallet Book Shelf:  Attach wooden pallets to the walls and turn these rustic wooden things into something creative and useful. You can use them in books or photo frames or a combination of both and it will look beautiful, as well as it is an inexpensive way to keep books.

Among the various other bookshelf ideas, here were some useful ways that you can easily create an attractive DIY bookshelf at home.

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