Unique Gifts for Your Sister to Celebrate The Eve of Bhai Dooj

Unique Gifts for Your Sister to Celebrate The Eve of Bhai Dooj

Bhai dooj is an auspicious celebration of the brother-sister bond. Presented with an assortment of unique gifts, both celebrate this special moment of fraternity and fondness by an exchange of lavish gifts. With the gifts being exchanged, treats being shared, wishes being traded, and the celebratory spirit of Bhai Dooj on the rise, who can be any less than enamored by the celebration.

6 Unique Bhai dooj Gifts for Your Sister

You always share a special bond with your sister. With joy and delight you both lived together, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and working as one. What finer way to express your thankfulness and make your sister feel special than these 6 unique bhai dooj gifts. Here are 6 suggestions for unique bhai dooj gifts for your sister-

  • Photo-frame – Intricately designed piece of craftsmanship holding special memories

A photoframe is one of the most perfect expressions of remembrance and memorability. From impressing a photo of the special moment that you and your sister had shared, to writing a beautifully made heart-felt message, it is always special.

  • Dry fruit – Mouthwatering savory treats loaded with health incentives

Dry fruits are a relishing treat to always enjoy. From almonds, to pistachios, to raisins, the flavors and tastes are always relishing.

  • Cake – Chocolaty and creamy mouth –melting delectable

Cakes are one of the most popular snacks. Enjoyed by all, they are a definite delight to cherish with your taste buds and palate. From chocolate truffle, to vanilla and Oreo, the combinations, the flavors, the tastes, and the designs of a cake are nearly endless.

  • Chocolate – Pieces of sweet-tasting joy to always enjoy

Chocolates are ever-popular as they are relishing. From a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, to multiple bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, nothing tingles the sweet tooth than chocolates.

  • Cushions – A font of relaxation and memorability

Cushions are one of the most common household items. What finer way to spread the delight of a soft pillow cushion than an memorable photo or a personal message printed on the cover ?

  • Mugs – Memorable morning surprises

Mugs are one of the first things that is encountered when your sister wakes up and sips on a cup of warm coffee, trying to shake off the morning blues. What can be more special to her than seeing that very mug personally customized by her brother and presented to her on bhai dooj?

  • Gift baskets – Handcrafted surprises loaded with goodies

Intricately designed and filled with numerous surprises, a gift basket is one of the most perfect ways to surprise your sister and delight her. Witrness the joy on her face as rummages through it and explores all the goodies. 

Getting Bhai Dooj Gifts for Your Sister

No matter where you reside in India, you can easily order bhai dooj gifts for your sister anywhere, just by a few clicks. So send her some unique Bhaidooj gifts through an online store.

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