Utilities of different types of masks

Utilities of different types of masks

In the times of a huge pandemic which has affected not only India but the entire world, we’re only left with doing things that are in our hand & that is – Prevention! As someone has said, prevention from the infection is just not full-proof but we can deny the fact that it does provide some level of protection from getting infected. As W.H.O has specified that in the coming months almost a third of the population will be infected by this novel Covid Infection. Does that mean, we should just lose hope & do nothing? No! We can fight this pandemic with whatever we’ve got & we can help in flattening the curve.

There are 3 main precautions we need to take in these testing times: Social distancing, wearing a mask whenever we’re in a crowded space &sanitisation of all surfaces which we might come in contact with including our hands.

Talking about Masks in particular, these are an effective way of at least preventing the Infection from spreading with the speed at which it’s multiplying in our country & other parts of the world. Given below are some of the types of masks available in the market which you can either buy from any medical store available or order online for your family. With the lockdown easing in many states it just means that now the government has given the citizens the responsibility to be as safe as they can from this infection & be prepared to not contract it in any way. Here’s a list of masks & their Utility:

N95 Masks

Surgical Masks: These masks are mostly disposable & should be used by doctors, nurses & health care workers who’re in close proximity with the patients infected by covid-19. They can’t use the washable masks as the risk of contracting is too high for them.

N95/Respirator Masks: These masks are special grade masks designed to protect from respiratory aerosols and don’t allow upto 95% from entering the system. Mostly used by the Doctors treating the infected patients. N95 masks are in high demand & should be avoided by people who’re not affected by the infection

Cotton Masks: Cotton layered masks come in different layers including 2 ply, 3 ply & even 5 ply filtration which protects you from human to human transmission of the infection to a great extent. These masks are usually worn by asymptomatic people who might/or might not carry the infection but are highly susceptible to catching it or transmitting it to other people in the vicinity. These masks can be worn whenever you’ve any work outside your house for essentials shopping or later once the lockdown is lifted for any unavoidable community gathering. These reusable masks are not only used to prevent infection but also used as an anti-pollution equipment & also as dust proof. It will also ensure that you breathe clean air.

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