Walkthrough to Determine How Much Wallpaper to Buy

Walkthrough to Determine How Much Wallpaper to Buy

The first step in calculating the needs of the edges of the wallpaper borders is to add the lengths of the walls to which this edge should be applied. In most cases, you just need to measure the four walls of the room. However, if you plan to use the edge of your wallpaper in additional places, be sure to include this length. After you have added all the lengths you plan to cover, you will have the total required edge length in inches.

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The length required for vertical application deserves special discussion. If you are going to use vertical stripes in a room, you must measure the height of your room and multiply it by the number of stripes that you apply. Do not be surprised that the required length for this project is much more than is required for more traditional applications. The length required for these bands can quickly add up.

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Now that you know how many inches you need, you need to convert this number to a number that you can use. Since the edges go in rolls, measured in yards, you must convert the required length from inches to yards. Do not worry if mathematics is not your forte; the math in this calculation is also quite simple. To do this, simply divide the length by thirty-six. Now you know how many yards of wallpaper you need.

The final step in determining how many rolls you need is to convert from yards to edges. Usually the edges of the walls are sold in rolls of five yards. Then take the total number of yards you calculated and divide that number by five. Remember that you prefer to have a bit more sharpness at the end of your project than not to be enough. Then, if you get an unequal number, continue and round to the next whole number. This number is the number of rolls of wallpaper borders you need to buy.

In summary

With the exact amount of rolls of wallpaper borders you need, you are ready to go shopping. Visit our website to get a wide range of edges for every taste. You can also find some agreed accessories for your room. Within a few days after receiving your advantage, you will be ready to begin the journey to give your room a completely new look.

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