Wearing Printed T-Shirts with a Desi Tagline: A Quirky Combo

Wearing Printed T-Shirts with a Desi Tagline: A Quirky Combo

Whether for casual wear, formal wear, or party wear, t-shirts are your best go-to option, isn’t it? Over time, this comfortable wear has set a tag-line for itself as “an all-time favorite piece of dressing.” No wonder why? You are well-familiar with the coziness you get with a t-shirt. Especially young girls who are fond of t-shirts and you can find zillions of these in their wardrobe inscribing a perfect example here.

In summer, t-shirts provide instant relief, and despite the scorching heat, they level up your coolness. If you have a t-shirt as an integral ingredient in your dressing, you can quickly make yourself sexy. You can lace it up with lots of experiments and execute some tricks with colors that’ll surely deliver an iconic look. But transcending from ordinary plain tees is essential, that’s where you can choose printed t-shirts. Why? Because printed t-shirts for women with some desi punch slogans are an evolving trendsetter. You’ll believe in it by glancing below.

Wearing Printed T-Shirts with a Desi Tagline: A Quirky Combo

Bhai + Behen = Earthquake

It is an incredible thing that’ll make your day. The hustle and bustle type bonding that you and your brother share are ‘unforgettable.’ It’s a moment when mom and dad often come to punish you; hence, you’ll get the same feeling in this printed t-shirt.

Hashtag Sis t-shirt

Unique Right! Whether you love to reveal sisterhood with your BFF or you have a real sister, and without tickling or teasing her, you find emptiness in your life, then don’t forget this desi version of hashtag sis.  She may be the only person with whom you can share your entire personal moments, what you can’t think about sharing with others. So please give a little tribute to her with this printed t-shirt.

‘Nashe Si Chad Gyi’ T-shirt

As classic t-shirts for women, this reminds you of a famous song ‘Nashe si Chad Gyi’ that you can choose for yourself. If you want to gift a unique piece to your best friend who’s fond of such freaky things, then this t-shirt is the best option you must have.

‘Tu Adopted Hai’ T-shirt

The funny & non-sense conversation that you share with your friends cherish some of the most memorable moments you love to delight. There’s no need for any particular explanation behind why you’ll choose this printed t-shirt. The naughtiness is enough to spread a smile on your face.

‘Papa Ko Mat Batana’ T-shirt

There’re a few things that you want to keep secret from your father, as they are the boss in your family. Hence this printed t-shirt is designed with the same notion, but it has a little shortcoming. It may be saying ‘papa ko mat batana,’ but your father could see yet not decipher the code. Isn’t that funny?

‘Whatever’ T-shirt

Your attitude is unbeatable, and you don’t care about the damn world; there’s nothing wrong with it. Indeed this t-shirt will correctly define your unique real identity with one word that might be your favorite ‘whatever.’ At the same, if you have a friend who believes the same way, then you must gift this unique t-shit that’ll represent her.

Finding the best spot to purchase a t-shirt

If you don’t have time to go outside for shopping, then undoubtedly, visiting an online store is the best option. Therefore, you can’t leave Bewakoof.com unnoticed if you search for funny printed t-shirts with quirky desi slogans. It’s a home of entire stylish and unique outfits where you’ll love to visit again.

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