What are Some Great Ideas for Personalised Gifts?

What are Some Great Ideas for Personalised Gifts?

Nowadays, with the use of even better and cheaper printing technologies than ever before, personalised presents have become much more affordable.

Ideas for Personalised Gifts

There are hundreds of various options available for everybody from Australian companies like Grasshopper, ensuring that you’ll certainly be able to find something which is catered perfectly for that special person in your life.

  • Personalised gifts divide into two main categories, and they are text and photography, and some other specific choices.

Let’s have a peak at both of these categories, and what the possibilities are for a superb gift:

Customised Text – Practically anything nowadays can be branded with personal custom text. Whether that text is eithersomeone’s name, or a unique greeting or inspirational quote made just for them.

Some popular items which can be customised into a personal present include:

Travel Bottles – Available in many sizes, plastic or metal, with different caps, a travel bottle always makes a great gift for students or workers, or indeed anyone else who is on the go.

Bags – Tote, shoulder or even backpacks are all ideal for carrying around books, phones and many other items and make the perfect personalised present for a student. Laptop, and tablet bags which have been customise are also another option.

T-shirts – Good old T-shirts are indeed a favourite, and a modern one these days are of a much higher quality that exceeds anything from the past.

  • Any kind of phrase or quote can be placed on the shirt using state-of-the-art technology, thus ensuring that it won’t fade in the wash.

Practically anything you can think of can nowadays be branded with some cool custom text and turned into a loved personalised present.

  • Things such as flash drives, gift cards, watches, PC mouse pads, luggage, pens, caps, hats, notebooks, phone cases, and a list of items too long to fill this page!

Photos – Certainly a little different, and more personal, than simple text is adding photos to some fun and interesting items. It could be a photograph of a friend’s child, or a group shot of your company’s Christmas party, personalised photo presents capture that one moment in time forever and change it into a sophisticated gift.

Some of the things which go best with photographs are:

Puzzles – Wonderful for children and adults alike, it is these days an easy matter with the majority of photo processors to have a photograph made into a cool puzzle. You select the size and amount of pieces, and your photo will be transformed into a game that will be enjoyed many times over.

Clocks – A photograph can be placed on the background of a lovely wall clock, for a not only useful, but novelty present.

Mouse Pads – Always popular with computer buffs, a photo of your choice can be easily made into a mouse pad (either plastic or foam). If you can’t find one near you, you can find one easily online.

Make sure that your present is indeed memorable!

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