What Are The Different Types Of Wines In Italy?

What Are The Different Types Of Wines In Italy?

For wine lovers, you would probably enjoy the stay in Italian wine at World Wine. You can buy any type of wine according to your collections. But, not all wine lovers have an idea of the different types of wines. Some of them simply collect the wine that is available. But, wine aficionados have those ideas about the different types of wines.

Since Italy is best known for wines, you would probably have a relaxing time shopping with the different collections of types of wines today.

Different types of wines

Below is the list of types of wines to choose from. Each of the wines has its own uniqueness when it comes to flavor. Although they are all fermented as a process to make the drink ready to serve, there are differences in the ingredients, especially the taste. So, you have all the chances to find out the differences among the different types of wines:

  • Red wine. There is a massive number of red grape varieties around the world. Some are superb for wine, while others are best suited for grape juice. Now, the world wine market is focusing on 40-50 different red wine grapes varieties.

There is a difference between red wine and white wine. Here is the list of differences between the two types of wines:

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  • The skin color of grapes
  • Amount of time to juice

Red wines are stored in tanks or barrels after picking, soaked with skins, absorbing pigments and some other grape skin aspects, such as the tannin. It is how red wine gets its color.

  • White wine. The first noticeable factor differentiating it from red wine is the color. The pulpy part of the grape under the skin is the same color as the red grape. It is mainly due to the pressing of the grapes when white grapes are picked, they are instantly pressed and remove the juice from the skins. The color of white wine varies, often on the type of grape and occasionally from using the wood.
  • Rose wine. It is the most refreshing wine, aside from the taste but also the color of the juice. The pink color makes the wine more refreshing to taste and more presentably looking.
  • Sparkling wine. In many countries making sparkling wine, each has a unique flavor. The best-known sparkling wine is Champagne.
  • Dessert/Sweet/Fortified Port. In this type of wine, you will discover how impressive the bottles are. But, how about the taste? Does it meet the expectation according to what you see on the bottle? The spring seed wine is a port wine with pink color. It makes the boys wink at this pink drink.

Wines are very interesting. If you are going to check each of them, you will have your favorite!

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