What is the importance of custom made challenge coins?

What is the importance of custom made challenge coins?

The coins have been used for thousands of years not only as a means of payment but also as a sought after opportunity to celebrate people or events. Nowadays both private individuals and professionals are interested in printing exclusive medals and coins to make an extraordinary gift. In fact coins are an appropriate choice for a wedding, a child’s birthday or for deserving employees of your company. There are no limits to creativity in creating coins. Custom motifs as well as text or graphics can adorn the front or back of a coin will let you but custom challenge coins immediate after you see them. They are attractive and gorgeous in a unique way.

Custom coin material can be made of zinc or brass alloy

Professional manufacturer has produced millions of custom challenge coins for inter-continental and global customers. These military coins for saleare also used in business to inspire a brotherhood of military style and camaraderie between teammates. All coins are personalized and supported with 100% satisfaction. Using your logo, military insignia or anything you can think of can be used as glory of excellence.


Well, there are some specifications, based on which you will be choosing the quality of your custom made challenge coins. It is your duty to know all the details before ordering challenge coins online because there are so verities of challenge coins for sale. Brass material is often perfect for heavy challenge coins if you desire so.

  • The material can be made of zinc or brass alloy
  • The common size is 38 mm / 42 mm / 45 mm / 50 mm
  • Double sides with patterns, 2D plates or 3D cubes from custom designs
  • Colors can be soft glazes, imitation of hard or colorless enamel
  • The finish can be glossy / matte / antique effect or mirror
  • 9 diamond cut edge patterns for options
  • Also custom drawings

Personalized commemorative brass coins

Commemorative brass coins are usually made by hydraulic molding to form delicate logos, patterns and texts. The colors applied for commemorative brass coins are imitations of hard enamel colors, soft or no-color glazes.

Custom 3D zinc alloy coins

Customs 3D zinc coins are depicted and designed with motifs and allocated empty space.However, challenge coins are filled with light enamel,faux colors, hard enamel or plain colors without colors.

Conclusion: Mint coins

The mint coins are often made with zinc and brass materials. Compared to other effects, the recessed part isas shiny as the mirror and the embossed parts will be finished opaque. Most colorless mint coins fill because they interfere with brilliant effects. Challenge coins are not just symbolic prizes but also they tell your story of challenge.

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