What To Look For In A Quality Outdoor Play Set? Make Your Shopping Less Hassle!

What To Look For In A Quality Outdoor Play Set? Make Your Shopping Less Hassle!

How do you know what to look for in an outdoor playset?

Introduce your little water babies to the wonders of a shady island scene

Being in the industry for several years, Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table, swing and slide set, and other outdoor play sets have been gaining much interest both from parents and children. But with so many choices available, which product to invest in? Of course, you want something that will offer fun to your little ones, but there are other crucial factors that need to go into your purchasing decision.

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Metal playsets can be hazardously hot in the sun, while plastic doesn’t keep up to the elements. In this case, wood outdoor play sets are commonly the most durable option. However, keep in mind that all woods are equally not created. Redwood and cedars are great investments. Do not go with wood play sets that have been chemically treated, because they are dangerous to the kids.


Check first the construction and hardware of the playset you’re considering to buy. Big wooden beams withstand cracking and twisting, so opt for the strong build. Also, a good-crafted play set is durable and safe to use.


Make sure the playset you want to buy is durable, means tend for longer use. Also, it should only need little maintenance and resist extreme weather conditions. Metal and plastics may be good, but wood outdoor playground sets prove to be a better investment. They are not only resistant to wear and tear but adorn any yard as well.


Definitely a crucial factor when buying a quality playset. Most manufacturers ensure they are adhering to the safety requirements, so look for that. Moreover, make sure the elevated parts include guard rails, the swings sling from chains, and the metal pins are concealed. Be aware of the inadequate spacing among play structure elements.


When properly cared and maintained, a play set can last up to seven to ten years. This is such good news, especially for those with a strict budget. But since little ones change and grow, you should also think about their size, interests, and abilities. This is where adaptability must be given priority, too.


No matter how much amount of effort you exert into, something might deteriorate or break on the playset. This is where warranty steps into. It must cover the physical integrity and last long, at least for a year. Having a solid warranty means allowing your kids to enjoy the playset with complete peace of mind.

Most importantly…

…it should be extremely comfortable and fun to ride with!

Enhance balance and coordination of your child as they climb, swing and slide on the jungle gym and wobble back and forth on the teeter totter

In the end, it is making your kids enjoy the whole ride. By adding a quality backyard playset, you are also making a safe place for your children to make best use of their childhood years and for their imaginations and ideas to explore.

Whether it is water table or swing and slide set at Step2 Direct, take these things in mind for a happy and satisfying acquisition.


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