When Choosing Your Bridal Couture: Things You Should Know

When Choosing Your Bridal Couture: Things You Should Know

Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you are ever going to wear in your whole lifetime. So it just makes sense that you choose the one that’s perfect for you.

But how do you do it among the plethora of choices out there, confusing and maybe adding to your stress?

Here are some things you should know when choosing your bridal couture:

  • Be honest about your feelings when trying on a wedding dress

Be honest and vocal about your thoughts and feelings about a particular wedding dress so your consultant can help you move on in the selection process.

They cannot help you find the wedding dress of your dreams if you do not tell them what you like or don’t like about the dresses they bring to you.

  • Limit your selection pool of wedding dresses

Don’t try on too many dresses to keep from being overwhelmed and stressed out unnecessarily. If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated over the selection process, you’ve probably tried on more than you can handle.

So relax, take a break and think everything over again. This process is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Bridal Couture

  • Only try on dresses within your budget

Keep a realistic budget and stick with it. If you’re not willing to increase your budget then don’t try on dresses outside your price range,  just to “try it on”, or you’ll end up very disappointed and it might be difficult to step back and consider any other option.

  • Only try on dresses in your current size, not smaller.

It’s funny how some brides will try on dresses a size smaller hoping to shed some pounds by their wedding day but don’t and end up having to resize their wedding dress at crunch time. Save yourself the stress and only try on dresses in your current size and then keep your weight same and steady until your wedding day.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to dress shop

Your first appointment should be 6-7 months before your wedding. Do it 4 months before and you may incur additional costs for its generally considered a rush job. Worse, if you only have two months left before your wedding, you may only have samples available for you.

The selection for your wedding gown may be a complex process but finding the perfect dress for you is like finding the love of your life that you’re preparing to wed – once you know, you know.

If you need help with your bridal couture, consider Vincenzo Pintaudi Couture.

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