Why anime is not to be missed

Why anime is not to be missed

Anime is a whole world in itself. The stories and characters we see in it are so relatable. There is always a notion that anime is for small children and when we are adults we tend to avoid it. But it need not be so.

The lessons, visuals and memories from anime stay with us for a long time. There are so many ways people connect with anime and want it to be a part of their reality. From buying anime toys, having a collection of demon slayer figure to gifting anime-themed things have been ways for people to keep in touch with their favourite anime stories.

What anime does to you

Anime leaves a deep impression on people who watch it because anime has all sorts of characters that are easily relatable to us.

It touches you in a way that you see yourself through the character’s eyes and believes it to be a part of your reality

Demon slayer figure

Why you must not miss anime

Here are some reasons why you must not miss anime.

  • Anime is so relatable.

A lot of times you can see character shades of your friends and families in anime. Its stories resonate with you. There are life situations which you can see in daily life.

  • Anything is possible in anime

Anime is filled with so much creativity. You can imagine anything and you will see it in anime. Right from ancient myths to modern life to future sci-fi everything can be seen in anime.

  • Its characters are so interesting

Every anime character has lots of shades in it. The characterisation is something not to be missed in anime. They are happy, sad, active, dull, angry but whatever it is, it is kept real. These characters are quite fascinating as well.

Some characters have stayed with viewers for so long and they adore these characters. One of the recent ones is Tanjiro from Kimetsu No Yaiba. His Demon slayer figure is a collectable. It’s available on demon slaying world.com.

  • The female characters are very strong

Anime is known for its empowered women characters. Each of them has a certain level of depth in them. This is an inspiration for many girls.

  • You can learn about Japanese culture

Every anime is a potpourri of many Japanese cultures and stories. The viewer can learn about the language, culture, traditions and festivals of Japan.

These are some reasons why you must let it go.

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