Why Choose Natural Handmade Soap Than the Commercial One?

Why Choose Natural Handmade Soap Than the Commercial One?

Ever wonder why natural handmade soap is getting popular these days for health-conscious people? Because natural handmade soap is organic and natural, commercial soaps are not. Natural handmade soap is created using essential oils, fruit’s skin, and other natural resources such as honey, lime, or lemon. While on the other hand, commercial soaps are made from harmful chemicals.

Today’s article will discuss everything about handmade soap and why it is more advisable to use compared to commercial soaps.

1. All Organic

Natural organic soaps consist of ingredients that came from the environment. It doesn’t use an added preservative to increase shelf life. Most often, organic soaps should be utilized within a specific time frame only.

On the other hand, commercial soaps and other body washes products are made from harsh chemicals like detergents, synthetic fragrance, and colorants which can irritate the skin. Moreover, this type of soap consists of tons of preservatives, which can be very harmful in human’s skin.

2. Free From Detergents

Commercial soaps and body washes are mainly made from processed cleansers and stabilizers, which can harm your scalp or hair. It strips and lessens the natural protective oils from the hair that promotes natural moisture.

Australian Made Soap

Moreover, lather doesn’t define the effectiveness of the soap, but most consumers judge the capability of soap based on its lather. That’s why most commercial soap manufacturers decided to use harsh chemicals to produce artificial foam or lather such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

This chemical is created to clean floors such as bathroom and garage floors. It can also be found in products such as engine degreasers, floor cleaners, and car wash soaps which are known to be skin irritants. Additionally, sodium lauryl sulfates can dry the skin and might cause skin conditions like eczema. That’s why if you have skin asthma or your skin is sensitive, do not use commercial soaps that have sodium lauryl sulfate at the back of the product label.

No Artificial Fragrance or Colors

Commercial soaps use synthetic fragrances called Di Ethyl Phthalate or DEP. This chemical is the main culprit of congenital disabilities in animals. It is also used in other cosmetic products as a preservative. It used in plastic manufacturing companies to improve the plastic’s durability and flexibility. Other companies lessen the strength of the synthetic fragrance oils by using another harmful chemical called Di Propylene Glycol. On the contrary, organic soap uses pure essential oils and colors from fruit juices and other natural botanicals such as herbs, flowers, and root powders.

Organic Moisture

Organic soaps like Australian made soap & beauty products online are made from tons of extra plant oils and organic butter in a process called super-fatting. This type of soaps creates extra oil and natural fat for a natural moisturizing effect of the soap. Though, this type of process compromises the shelf-life of the soap.

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