Why Men’s and Women’s Skin Care Products Should Be Different

Why Men’s and Women’s Skin Care Products Should Be Different

The ingredients on men’s skin care products can’t be the same as those in women’s care products. Of course, it is not obviously logical for them to be different as our skins are almost the same. However, there are so many features in men’s skins that are not common in women’s skins hence the first core reason for the divergence. If you have been buying skin care products but you happen not to understand why there is a difference between men’s body care products and women’s, here is everything you need to understand.

Men’s Skins are Thicker

Men’s skins are way thicker and stronger than women’s skin. That’s true since men’s testosterone is known to be up to 25% thicker than women’s. Also, men’s have more sebaceous glands meaning their skins generate more oil. Their follicles are as well bigger and larger in number. Based on this significant divergence in men’s skins to women’s, skin care products cannot be the same. Obviously, men’s skin care products ought to be packaged with stronger and more powerful ingredients to guarantee results.

Men’s Skins are more Robust

Men’s skins are more robust when compared to women’s.  The robust nature of men’s skins makes them able to withstand products that have hypothetically irritating active ingredients like Vitamin A. While all the products work almost the same and include almost the same active ingredients such as SPF and antioxidant, men’s body care products include stronger and way better ingredients.

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Women’s Skin has Higher Chances of Contacting melasma

Women skins have higher chances of contacting hormone-related irregular pigmentation conditions such as melasma. That’s why female skincare products are packed with more skin lightening ingredients as compared to those made for men.  You wouldn’t expect men’s skin care products to have the same healing and lightening capabilities as women’s products.

Men’s Aren’t Always Devoted

Not many men devote to caring for their skins. More often than not most men will abandon their skin care routines before they even realize their desired results.  That’s one of the reasons men’s skin care products are packed with way stronger and more powerful ingredients to guarantee quick and efficient healing.


When in the hunt for high-quality skin care products, you have to know what products will work well for your body. You wouldn’t want to buy skin care products you wouldn’t enjoy using. So, take your time to browse through the many different products on offer and make sure you compare them properly to choose the best ones. You have to browse through well-known online sellers for skin care products like https://www.clarins.com.sg/men/body-care-550/to have a look at the many different products they have in the offer and choose the products that work best for you. Don’t be too harsh on your skin to settle for any product you come across if you will not want to regret later. Consider talking with experts to know the products they recommend to you depending on your special skin requirements and needs.  The internet is full of useful information that you can rely on to make your purchase decision.

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