Why Use Paper Cups For Your Hot Drinks

Why Use Paper Cups For Your Hot Drinks

One most common question that is frequently asked is which cup is recommended to the customers. It is a tricky question since customers are very meticulous. But, the answer depends on the level of heat of the drink intended to use. Varieties of paper cups are available, from single-wall cups to double wall coffee cups up to the latest triple-wall hot cups – which one you need.

The initial difference is the insulating properties of these specific cup types. But, all these are made from paper, which is popularly known as paper cups. Below are the helpful discussions about paper hot cups, a guide for the potential buyers.

The differences

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These three different variants of hot cups have differences, for you to find out. Here is a brief explanation for you to understand which cup you need.

  • Single-wall cups. These are perfect cups for warm drinks. But, piping hot coffee can be uncomfortable to hold without a cup sleeve. But, being a single-wall cup, there is no additional layer for the insulation of the heat of the coffee.
  • Double-wall cups. These are specifically designed cups to withstand higher temperatures. The dual layers of the cup work in a similar way to a thermos flask. It traps the air and isolates the hand from hot drinks. Thus, it keeps the hands of the customers from getting burned. Additionally, the extra strength of the cup is ideally suited to what they called a “coffee-on-the-go.

Easy-street coffee cups

The number of high street coffee chains and drinks out there is favoring the use of disposable cup materials. It is very interesting to find out that it is the most effective insulator. The most appropriate way to discuss the insulating properties of the paper cup is the comparison between the other frequently used takeaway cups.

Paper cups are eco-friendly. Meaning, anyone who uses these paper cups is contributing big to the safety of the environment and the people around. There are chances like these paper cups might be thrown anywhere for those irresponsible people. For this reason, it can be a threat to the environment, which a paper cup can’t.

Imagine how good paper cups are doing good today? More and more coffee shops have understood the risk of using plastic containers, which are not safe for the environment. Unlike paper cups, which are 100% compostable. Meaning, it is not risky for the environment as well as the people using it.


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