Zipper Pulls – The Most Breakable Parts of Zippers

Zipper Pulls – The Most Breakable Parts of Zippers

The zipper pull is that one tiny aspect that can easily make or break garments and other items. Zipper pulls are those small metal, rope, or plastic tabs that you yank on to open the zipper. Unfortunately, the parts of zippers which break the most often are the pulls themselves, which make it often necessary to find the best replacement zipper pulls so you can use your favorite jeans or bags once again.

Zipper Pulls – What are They?

Zipper pulls are among the most important parts in a zipper’s anatomy. As its name suggests, a zipper pull is the part of the zipper that pulls up and down the slider on the zipper teeth’s track.

Types of Zipper Pulls

There are different types of zipper pulls that you can find in the market right now and all of them have different and specific uses. These are the following:

  • Braided Leather Pull

This zipper pull is made of leather and is made up of leather strands braided together. These are those pulls that you can often see on leather that serve aesthetic purposes as well.

  • Chain Pull

Chain pulls are zipper pulls featuring chain links that are usually made of metal. The tip of these pulls can also have some jewels or other elements. High fashion products often make use of these chain pulls.

  • Cord Pull

Cord pulls are zipper pulls made of cord usually attached through the crown of the zipper slider and attached on end with a piece of plastic or metal. Rain jackets or camping gear are some of the items that often make use of these cord pulls.

  • Leather Pull

A leather pull is a zipper pull made of leather available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Leather pulls are commonly used for leather bags. The pull is mostly for aesthetic purposes and this can also be seen in fashion oriented backpacks and other types of carry items.

  • Paracord  Pull

A paracord pull is the type of zipper pull made with the use of paracord with a braided tip. Paracord pulls are made for the purpose of durability and strength. These pulls are most likely seen and used in camping gear.

  • Tape Pull

A tape pill is made from a certain type of fabric and is attached to the upper portion of the slider with a different piece. The pieces of fabric hang down in two different strand, with one strand cut diagonally. Tape pulls are usually seen in purses or aesthetic pieces even though they are actually more durable than other pulls.

  • Tassel Pull

Tassel pulls are made of pieces of fabric hanging down to form a tassel. A tassel pull is mainly for the purpose of aesthetics.

  • Self Knot Leather Pull

These pulls are made from leather looped through a hole in order to form a knot using a dangling leather piece. You can pretty much liken it to a very long belt. The tail of the belt is similar to a leather piece dangling in the pull.

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